I went into an energy-focusing session of Tantra with an opposite-sexed physiotherapist once.

The session resulted into summoning up passion as well as its observation.

There were two things - the first, the passion; and the second, the seat of passion.

Here - at these locations - was the passion centered in the body:

  • The pelvic bed!
  • The top of the head!
  • The alignment between the two jaws!
  • The collarbones!
  • The scapulae!
  • The solar plexus!
  • The hara - the center point in between the solar plexus and the pelvic bed!

These were the places where I had felt it centered while working with the physiotherapist.

Then the location of the places gave me a hint.

The seats of passion coincided with the seats of chakras mentioned in the ancient scriptures.

What had those scriptures mentioned about the chakras - the seats of passion in the body?

I investigated.

Conventional literature on chakras was full of all esoteric and mystical claims in an unconvincingly authoritative way. It sounded to me like they were talking of another world altogether that you and I did not seem to have any real connection with!

Disillusioned of all the esoteric descriptions and all the mystic claims these scriptures were making, I fell back to my own sources - my body sensitivity, and my gray matter's logic; and I started experiencing them through my body postures in its trials and errors, my energy passion of sensitivity for the seats of passion in the body, and my gray matter's honesty of reason.

I worked all alone for almost a year after this, and came up with a whole, but logical body of knowledge concerning the seat of passion in the human body.

Before I describe chronologically what all I did, I will like you to have an overview of where all I landed in the end; before I took up the final flight to reach the exact seat of passion in the human body.

Okay, let me define these seats of passion, i.e., the chakras the way I experienced them shredded of all their mysticism they are shrouded in, and grounding them in real physical terms of muscular biology.

Chakras are energy vortices in the body, in which the energy gets trapped like a whirlwind. The flow of energy is held ineffective by the rigid muscular armor that keeps them blocked at those points.

Let's move on to the journey of opening all these chakras one by one:

  • The first seat of passion, namely the root chakra is located on the pelvis in between the genitals and the anus where the first muscular rigidity of the body takes its toll on the position of the hips.
  • The second seat of passion, namely the sacral chakra, is located 2 inches below the naval where another muscle rigidity gives a slouch to the lower back.
  • The third seat of passion is the solar-plexus chakra located above the diaphragm, which gives a slouch to the upper back.
  • The fourth seat of passion, i.e., the heart chakra located on the second vertebra gives the first slouch to the shoulders.
  • The fifth seat of passion is the throat chakra located on the throat gives the second slouch to the shoulders, and a habitual bend to the neck stopping the head from being held high.
  • Then comes the turn of the sixth seat of passion, i.e., the third eye chakra located between the two eyebrows, that gives the first shrinkage to the lips and to the eyes distorting the positioning of the jaws and hence, generating all the vision problems.
  • Last comes the seventh seat of passion - the crown chakra, located on the top of the head, giving the second shrinkage to the lips and to the eyes further distorting the positioning of the jaws and hence, further generating more vision problems.
  • There lies another less important seat of passion called the bindu chakra located at the back of the head that, in fact, is the animal alternative to the crown chakra.

In my next article, we shall start with the first one, i.e., the root chakra; studying it in detail and investigating into what frees us from its bondage.

Author's Bio: 

By qualification, G B Singh is an electronics engineer, passionate to change the quality of life on earth.

He has decided to train people, free of charge, in the procedure of instant vision correction through opening their third eye instantaneously.

He is also working on a techno-scientific project named Virtual Reality Machine envisaging to electronically mechanize the biological procedure of dissolving all the rigidities of body musculature so that almost all the lifestyle diseases could be gotten rid of in one single hour for good, for life; for which he needs volunteer-leaders from all over the world, and already has given a call to that effect!

Contact him through LifeSip.com and/or ThirdEyeHealth.com to decide further program, together.