Did you meet all of your goals this year? If you’re like most of us, there are some goals that were successfully achieved and some that still elude us. With 2006 already upon us, how can we make this year different and more prosperous?

By March, the majority of people, surveyed regarding new year resolutions and goals, responded that they hadn’t followed through or circumstances caused them to put off their progress. The most popular resolutions still follow the lines of improving health including weight loss, increased fitness levels and smoking cessation as well as finding a better source of employment. So why is it that so many of us give up at making crucial changes in our lives? Because resolutions generally emphasize what is lacking in our lives, which can make sticking to these resolutions appear an impossible task.

Changing the focus onto what you desire, rather than where you are, can help momentum build on what you want most in life. Your thoughts and emotions create your realities, but often people don’t know where they are on their emotional scale.

One of the best ways to see where you are is to look in a mirror. When you do this, what immediately comes up? Where do your thoughts turn to? Do you tell yourself, “Look at all those wrinkles,” “I’m not good enough,” “I’m so fat?” Or, do you tell yourself life is continuing to be good, special and prosperous?
If your answer isn’t something like “I am good enough,” or “I’m on my way to a more abundant life,” you can easily begin creating a shift in your self-talk and emotions so that they will meet your desired outcomes.

Here are some ways that I have found useful in helping shift my thoughts and emotions into gear so that they meet my desired outcome.

Place your hand on your heart, think of a time when you were happy and at your best, then say the word “yes.”

Repeat this a few times slowly. You have now activated an internal reaction that you can use whenever you are not in alignment with you goal.

We often forget to stop and breathe toward ourselves when we are under stress and pressure. By placing your hand over your heart, you continue to build love and confidence in your ability to handle any situation you face.

Call a friend, who is supportive of your desire.
Sometimes our thoughts turn negative and become overwhelming when we need more human contact. A good friend and confidant can bring us home emotionally and spiritually. Having an appreciative conversation can be so refreshing when you find yourself procrastinating or feeling a need for raising your self-esteem.

Move into a different space. Sometimes we perceive negative emotions in the same place as it was perceived before.
Unknowingly and unintentionally we will take in our environment through our senses of sight, touch, smell, sound and taste while we are not in the highest of spirits. When this happens, repeatedly, it can create an unconscious anchor in which we react in a similar manner at the same location.

If this is an issue, a person can change the surroundings, such as moving furniture around, adding a plant or waving some incense in the air to recharge the area with a more positive energy.

Write a list of affirmations. It’s really nice to laminate these so that they are easily kept available when you need them. List affirmations, such as, “I am choosing what is right and appropriate for me every moment,” or if you are looking for a new job “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to create the perfect job for me.”

With a list of affirmation readily available to you, you can easily retrieve an emotion and feeling that will help you toward your goals and help you with a better outlook.

Changing the focus onto what you want, rather than continuing to regret what you want to change, can give you the extra boost that you need to enjoy life more.

Give yourself the gift of paying attention to your thoughts and emotions. They are always there to help you discover and understand what is working and what isn’t working in your life. If you pay attention and use the power of your own thoughts, you can create whatever you want.

Author's Bio: 

Amy Hale is Certified in Advanced Hypnotherapy, NLP and Reconnective Healing. She brings a unique blend of knowledge, skill and caring to her clients in order to help them transform and empower their lives.