"Money 101..."

OK...so I am going to try something different over the next month or so. I have talked with many people who are frustrated with the way their life is turning out. It may be a less than exciting career, a passionless relationship, little to no free time, or all of the above. Unfortunately, the more we complain about what is wrong in our lives, the more unfortunate circumstances we attract to ourselves. So, I want you to use the next month as an experiment. What do you have to lose? We will highlight the topics that most people complain about; money, relationships, career and health. This weeks topic will focus on money, next weeks tip will highlight relationships and so on. I want you to commit to changing how you think about the various topics for the next month. Money tends to be the root of so much stress and disharmony between people. What people don't realize is that the more you complain about money and the lack of money in your life, the more you create circumstances that feed into that belief. So, for the next 30 days I want you to play a game of make believe. I want you to pretend you are financially abundant. I want you to believe with all your heart that you are attracting wealth and opportunities into your life. Remember, you have absolutely nothing to lose here. You are simply changing the way you think and act around money.


1. ACT
This week I want you to act like you are financially abundant. I want you to say affirmations every single day. Some examples could be "I am financially abundant" or "I am attracting financial wealth and opportunities to myself every single day". Every time you find yourself complaining...'we'll never be out of debt'...'I'll never have enough money'...stop and replace the thoughts with the above thoughts.

The next step in changing how you believe about money is to truly believe the above statements. You can't simply say "I am financially abundant", when deep down you are contradicting the belief with thoughts like "This isn't true, so what's the point, I'll always have money issues" You need to truly believe that you are attracting wealth into your life. What would it feel like to have financial freedom? Close your eyes and feel it.

Now that you have said the statements and you are beginning to believe them as well, it's time to open yourself up to creating them. Allow yourself the opportunities to create wealth in your life. You need to act in accordance with your beliefs. If you are making the statements, but then you are going out every day spending money you don't have, you are setting yourself up to fail. Create a lifestyle that embodies what you truly want!

Good Luck!
Have a great week!


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Leslie Gail is a Certified Life Coach who supports busy people in achieving personal and professional success without compromising their values. Leslie is on a panel of experts for KOSI radio in Denver, she publishes articles and appears regularly on 7News in Denver. Contact Leslie directly at http://www.newlifefocus.com or call 866 779-0731