Are emotions a natural thing to have in the human life?

At least the folklore says so.

Even psychology seems to be of the same opinion.

Abnormal psychology deals with the imbalance in the emotional structure of a man.

Psychiatry tries to shun this excited or depressed imbalance through prescribing chemicals in the form of drugs which do nothing more than temporarily change the chemical structure of the neuro-secretions emanating from the central nervous system.

What do we mean by the balance of mind?

For answering this, we shall need going into what, in essence, emotions are.

Are we born with them, like we are born with instincts?

I do not think we are!

It is later in life that we learn feeling emotional as a response (or reaction!) to various psycho-socio-physical stimuli impinging on our mind-body system.

What are the instincts we are born with?

They are hunger, thirst, breath, movement, defecation, urination, perception, interaction, caressing (and being caressed!), sex (yes, we are very much 'born' with it - that is why every toddler starts playing with her/his genitals quite early in life and for this they are not rebuked less by their mothers all the world over!), and curiosity.

All the animals also seem to have all these instincts but for one, that is, curiosity.

Human kids have curiosity because their brain (gray matter) is much more developed than that of animals.

The human toddler starts exploring the world 'in' and 'around' her/himself.

The animal toddler does not explore the world 'in', but does so only 'around' itself.

The animal lives more so in the instinctual world only, all through its life.

But we, the humans, are different.

We are curious.

Curiosity is one of our instincts.

Every child tends to explore as much as possible through any and every means at her/his disposal.

That is what develops our brain through all the years of learning till we turn adult, and it is this only that turns us into being intellectual beings rather than remaining mere instinctual animals.

Since we are curious, we tend to explore.

We interact.

But we are not allowed to!

At least we are not allowed to freely do so, without conditions.

The conditions are partly psychological, and partly social.

The toddler starts playing with her/his genitals in order to explore them as well as derive the sexual pleasure out of manipulating them physically.

The mother comes from somewhere out and sees the kid doing this so-called 'bad thing'.

"Bad thing!" - she screams.

The kid gets the shock of her/ his life. S/he does not yet know the language, still s/he gets the sense of what the mother is stopping her/him from, simply by the tone of her voice and her body-language. S/he shudders, compresses her/his body muscles and squeezes her/his pelvis 'in'. The very action of squeezing the pelvis 'in' bereaves her/him of her/his sexual sensitivity and consequently s/he takes her/his hand away from the genitals.

The mother is happy; says, "Good girl!" - and leaves the room.

But the sensitivities cannot be killed so fast. Again the kid leaves her/his muscles relaxed and pelvis stretched; and again after some time her/his sexual sensitivity turns her exploring her/his genitals.

Again the mother comes in and...

The whole scene gets many times repeated before the kid turns keeping her/his pelvis squeezed into a habit; and the consequent lack of curious exploration, her/his lifestyle!

A moral over-dog takes birth inside the mind!

The whole job of this moral over-dog is to tame the instincts slave in an anti-natural way in order to conform to the cultural, social and psychological pressures of asexual behavior, toilet-training, social protocol, and inclusion into the rat-race by hammering those down onto her/his mind time and again, and again, and again...

A little coercive society along with all its moral and anti-natural value-system gets permanently nailed down inside the kid's mind.

The curious scientist in her/him gets killed.

The aesthetic artist that was very much enjoying till now, goes to sleep and starts dreaming.

O my God, the emotion has taken its birth!

The dream of enjoying is what emotions are!

Dreams may be wishful, or else may be nightmares.

Wishful dreams fake enjoyment being had right then and there, whereas nightmares are either guilt felt over fake enjoyment, or the tension of not being able to get the enjoyment at all!

The whining under-dog, in the name of emotions, takes its birth as a reaction to the high-handed moral growling of the over-dog that the little coercive society nailed inside the mind is!

Same with emotions, as with dreams - they are either wishful or nightmarish!

They may be positive or they may be negative too.

Whatever, but the positive sentiments are not the real enjoyment of life - they are either desires (greed!) of enjoyment; or else the hope of the desires getting fulfilled as enjoyment in near future.

Also, the negative sentiments are not the real pain of life - they are either a sense of security (turning one a selfish miser!); or else the fear of losing what one has in near future, and the fear of consequent pain arising out of it.

In nutshell, emotions are the distorted versions of instinctual enjoyment of life.

Distortions can never be healthy.

But people say, ''No, but what shall we be left with if emotions are no more there in life? It will go so dull and boring! We shall turn into machines if emotions are no more there in us. There will be left no difference between the animals and us."

They do not know what they have lost for being what they are today - the emotional beings!

They have paid a very high price for something fake with something real!

They have lost their energy.

They have traded their passion with their emotions.

The two never stay together.

If emotions are, passion is not!

When emotions are not, only then passion is!

What is this passion, different from emotions - you will ask.

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