Which of these activities would you prefer to do? I’m not going to tell you what they are just the net effects and you can decide from there.

Activity #1 – Can cause sleeplessness and irritability. It can also lead to numerous health problems including but not exclusive to, headaches, migraines, gastro-intestinal problems, high blood pressure, hair loss, reduced ability to fight off minor infections and an exponentially higher risk of complications, should you contract any major illness that it hasn’t actually caused directly. Although some doctors now believe that it is almost always at least a contributing factor. You may also see reduced productivity at work and enjoy less quality time at home. Your ability to concentrate will almost certainly suffer as will your short-term memory. That’s all I can think of for now so let’s look at the upside. Er…..hmmm….let me see……well actually, there is no upside. Those of you that thought I was talking of drinking alcohol or taking drugs now know you’re wrong so read on.

Activity #2 – Improves health and many people believe can lead to increased length of life. It aids sleep and the ability to concentrate. It can also reduce the need to sleep as much and make you more chilled and happy. You will almost certainly feel better after doing it and it wont put any real physical strain on your body. It can help your self esteem and improve your mental function. That’s all I can think of for now so let’s look at the downside. Er…..hmmm….let me see……well actually, there is no downside.

I know you are a sensible person and I’m sure you are up for #2 and will steer well away from #1, right? Probably not, because for every person that does #2 there will be at least 100 embracing #1 with a the kind of commitment you’d normally associate with an athlete that had failed a drug test declaring their drink was spiked.

Activity #1 is worry or anxiety.

“Wait a minute” I Hear you wail derisively. “You can’t avoid worrying about stuff” Sure you can’t if you don’t want to, but you put the thoughts in your head and you decide how you react to them, not me nor anybody else. If anybody has even dealt with a situation without worrying that makes you worry, then by definition it can’t be the event but the interpretation you place upon it. If you believe you can’t stop worrying then get help and hire a life coach but don’t accept that it is how it is unless you want it to be how it is.

Activity #2 is meditation.

“Oh no here he goes again Mr Whalehuggingsandalwearingtofueatingpotsmokingteadrinkingwerido with his loin cloth pseudo science and commie BS! Well I’m none of those things (ok I admit I do have a pair of sandals but keep that quiet) and what I have mentioned are in the main indisputable facts (the life lengthening thing being the one that could be legitimately debated), so the choice is yours.

Author's Bio: 

Tim is a qualified Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and author. He was born and mainly trained in the UK but now operates his company A Daring Adventure out of Orlando, Florida. His book 'Don't Ask Stupid Questions - There Are No Stpuid Questions' is out now and can be bought at www.adaringadventure.com