The most effective way to begin getting what you really want is by having a Coach. It's easy to misunderstand what Coaching is about with so many people calling themselves a Coach. Every Coach is unique and every Coach has their area of expertise. There are Life Coaches and Business Coaches, Success Coaches and Image Coaches, the list goes on and on. It’s difficult enough not knowing what you want in life, now you have to choose a particular Coach from everyone out there!

Let me start by saying there are good Coaches and not so good Coaches. Your first thought may be to choose a credentialed Coach; this approach is great yet you may pass over a Coach that is just right for your particular needs. Not to mention the right Coach for you will evoke a wonderful sense of greatness, it’s about the relationship between two human beings. Have you ever spoken to someone who for some reason, you just don’t particularly care for them. Not that there’s anything wrong with that person, we simply aren’t ‘attracted’ to them. We form all of our relationships with others based on this ‘attraction’ factor no matter what the relationship, no matter who it’s with. We simply don’t feel comfortable with everybody. Choose to work with a Coach only after you’ve met and spoken with them. Yes, their knowledge and training are important but the relationship you have with your Coach is vital.

There are many Coaches without credentials who are trained in a myriad of areas. The best Coach for you could be one who has taken it upon his or herself to gain the necessary knowledge which enables them to assist their client. Ask your prospective Coach what their specialty is, their background, and education. As most people can attest, life experiences are one of the best ways we learn. Coaches are people who are constantly learning, constantly learning about themselves in order to serve their client. A great Coach will be able to assist you due to his or her ability to educate themselves through formal study and research as well as their ability to take life experiences, analyze them, and utilize that information to assist their client.

Some people are under the false impression that a Coach will tell them what to do. A good Coach will not ‘tell’ their client, a good Coach asks questions that evoke curiosity in their client. Curiosity is what is necessary to begin making effective changes in your life. Curiosity means you have the understanding that there are other options and you’re open to discovering what those options may be, then you have the opportunity to make informed choices based on your own particular needs.

So choose the Coach you feel compelled to hire. Base your decision on their training and knowledge whether it’s self gained knowledge or that of a credentialed program. With the right Coach, you’ll quickly see shifts in your thinking which will motivate you toward a more fulfilled life where you are accomplishing those things that are truly important to you!

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Jane Saylor is the author of “The Road You’ve Traveled, How to Journal Your Life.” You may contact Jane at to learn about her book or coaching program. Email contact: