From birth to adulthood we learn to become good citizens and well-adjusted adults in the world of work and life. Many people make this transitional relatively successfully and lead somewhat normal, happy lives.

Some people make it to adulthood grumbling and blaming the world for all the "bad things" it brings their way including the job they hate. Others can't make the adjustment at all and wind up in prison or dead.

What I'll call the "normal" group - the one that achieves a somewhat happy existence - learns to live by a set of rules, norms, and expectations that often limit their growth, potential, and true greatness.

A few members of this "normal" group discover something special about themselves, make a choice to excel, and take action to create the life of their dreams. They do it without the support of the normal group. You see, the normal group wants its members to be just normal. By the way, work groups and some families act in the same way. They discourage their members from getting ahead (of the other normal group members).

The Normal Group is Crabby

If you've ever been crabbing, you've seen the "normal" group in action!

You catch crabs by attaching some meat (often a chicken neck) to a long piece of cord and lowering it to the bottom of the bay. Crabs attach themselves to the meat and begin eating. You raise the meat and catch the crabs in a net. Then you throw the crabs into a bucket to keep them from running around the boat and pinching people.

Watch the crabs and you will see that as soon as one crab tries to escape the bucket by climbing out, the other crabs will pull it back down into the bucket. There's no escape from the bucket.

Life is often like that. A person wants to get ahead and knows that there is more to work and life than what they are presently experiencing.

Get Out of the Bucket!

It takes personal leadership to become aware that escaping the normal is possible. It takes personal leadership to choose and commit to creating a better life. It takes personal leadership to take the actions necessary to propel yourself and create the new future you imagine and want.

You can do it. . . All things are possible. Many others in our great land have done it.

Don't let the other crabs in your life prevent you from developing your unique potential and discovering your greatness.

Author's Bio: 

Joe Farcht is the founder and president of Leadership Advantage, Inc. He develops leaders, is an Executive Coach, and author of the book Building Personal Leadership: Inspirational Tools & Techniques for Work & Life. Learn more at or 602 996-1802.

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