RaphaYad Bioenergy Healing is the dynamic technique that is at the cutting edge of Bioenergy Medicine and Healing.

Throughout a persons life emotional and physical traumas as well as conflicts impair the connections in their body. These in turn cause blockages and cellular degeneration, which are the underlying cause of illness and performance restrictions.

RaphaYad Bioenergy Healing works on a deep circuitry level to release the blockages and the memory patterns, which in turn enhances cellular - regeneration, communication and homeostasis.

By virtue of our birthright and with increased energy flow using Moxi Te techniques, a person can recover and move beyond illnesses and ailments. Similarly, they can enhance their ability to self-heal and perform on all levels: - instinctual, physical, emotional, intellectual & spiritual.

Energy is transmitted through the palms of the hand and fingertips enabling one to accurately scan and diagnose blockages in the body’s energy circuitry ...the ‘Living Matrix’.

Working hands-on to release the blockages with mild manipulation using the fingertip, and hands-off using the dynamic technique - Bio Plasmic Manipulation. This stretches the energy, which releases the memory patterns on both levels: cellular and psychological.

Working on a scanning level rather than a textbook approach increases the accuracy of the treatment. This enables the work to be in the present and most importantly determines the pace and priority.

Bioenergy Healing restores and balances the vibratory circuitry, with obvious and profound benefits. The body's defence and repair systems are able to repair themselves...working preventively, effectively & efficiently.

For full details visit www.bioenergyhealing.org.uk

Author's Bio: 

Michael has established practices in London, United Kingdom. For details on 1-2-1 sessions & training please visit www.bioenergyhealing.org.uk or email info@bioenergyhealing.org.uk or tel 0845 456 1336 (00 44 20 8427 9774 from overseas). Over the last 9 years Michael Cohen's his studies include hatha yoga, meditation, tai chi and chi-kung, nutrition, detoxification, ethics and philosophy. His current studies and research is in metaphysics, cell biology, cellular communication and human biology.

Michael like most of his clients comes from a background where hyper-sensitivities effected him on an emotional and physical levels that brought with it many disruptions, discomforts and pains. These included sensitivity/intolerances to a wide range of foods, environment, buildings and chemicals. Additionally for 16 years he suffered with debilitating spinal problems including degenerate discs caused by Sherman's Disease and hyper-mobility causing frequent and repetitive injuries.

Having worked on himself Michael has overcome his hyper-sensitivities and is now able to use his sensitivities to enhance his life. In respect to his spinal problems he has experienced re-alignment, strength and mobility which has brought with it confidence, and the continued ability to excel on a physical level beyond any previous limitation and boundary.

Another aspect which is attributed to his work is his eye vision which over the last 18 months has reduced his glasses prescription by 50% and now only uses them on a part-time basis.

Michael like his clients continue to enhance his performance on all levels: instinctual, physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. As a practitioner his own case study is his longest and his continued work on himself brings with it the ongoing positive shifts, and enhanced perception.

This is of fundamental importance and is an ongoing testiment to what is achievable within the field of Bioenergy Medicine. Michael is able to share his experiences and teach his clients how they can similarly move beyond illness, disease, performance limitations and restrictions.

“My enhanced perception has enabled me to transform and tune my heightened sensitivity to energy into an effective and efficient healing tool. My instinctual awareness continues to enhance along with my ability to adapt and find balance on all levels, moving me beyond past limitations and restrictions. Working with energy on this level is part of each and every breathe, action and thought, and allows me to explore the interconnectedness within and beyond the body”.

As a practitioner, Michael’s Bioenergy Healing helps him to fulfill his life purpose. His work continues to evolve as new tools and techniques develop through his experiential and experimental approach. His teaching and healing techniques help his clients to move beyond past limitations and restrictions, which brings with it positive results on all levels.