In times like these, when people in workplaces everywhere are feeling such strain from a lack of resources, and intense stress caused by such uncertainty, it helps to stop and consider. These times can accomplish growth in each of us and although it is burdensome, it can be viewed in a positive light.

Growth mentally and emotionally comes from our ability to control and balance our perceptions and thoughts about the world around us. We need to employ specific strategies to overcome and persevere when times are tough. It is an opportunity to exercise self discipline and judgment that produce in us strength. This writer would like to articulate for contemplation some strategies for each of us to consider.

First, we must all live in the present, today, right now. We live in a bubble of right now. You cannot change yesterday and tomorrow never comes, because it will then be today. So avoid the tendency to make decisions based upon the things that may happen in the future but rather develop a balanced plan to deal with your particular worse case scenario. Visualize the worse thing that can happen, and then devise a plan to deal with that. This exercise will free you up to go about dealing with the issues of each day.

Concentrate your efforts on the work you know is before you today. Then at days end, rest your mind and sleep so that you will be refreshed for tomorrow and be able to deal with the stresses of that day. Even when hard decisions have to be made in the present and you are sure you have done what is best in that day you will be able to move forward from a position of strength. We all have a choice as to what attitudes we will have and what work we will do each and every moment. Every day is another chance to start again and change and turn towards those actions and behaviors that we know we need to develop and make habitual.

Also, remember that you cannot control the macro environment or the actions of others. But you can control the interpretations you put on them and your reactions to them. Respond by decision. Do not react like a billiard ball just reacting when you are hit. Your mind needs to stay active and in control of you. You are the person inside that decides how you will act and view the world around you. Some individuals feel that somehow all people and even the cosmos is working against them specifically. This view will always leave you feeling helpless and must always be avoided. Everyone is coping with their own set of circumstances, and they typically do not even know what is going on in yours. Try to focus outside yourself. Act with purpose and be fair minded in your responses to others.

Next, watch the interpretations you place on the actions of others. If you are in doubt as to what someone means about something they say or do, ask them to explain. Confront issues that you need to resolve. Most people want to do the right things from a motive standpoint but let’s face it, we all fall short. When we have to deal with our own short comings or those of others, let us do it with kindness, patience, care and even firmness when necessary. There is never an excuse for irritability or a lack of respect when dealing with people.

Remember that stresses are relative. Each person reacts to their own fears. Yours may differ in content and degree from those around you. Keep your thoughts positive and your actions and responses to each incident and stress appropriate to the event. Avoid negativity, cynicism, and self deprecation. Employ rather attitudes and feeling of gratefulness, appreciation, and servitude. These will greatly increase your ability to think more productively, deal with stress more patiently, encourage and give hope and courage to those around you. We all need goodwill, respect, acknowledgement, patience and the benefit of the doubt during times like these.

These are only suggestion but they come from a deep felt belief that when applied, they help us cope and can move us all through times of trouble more productively. My hope for us all is that we will come through stronger, more patient, more resilient and more capable to serve our families, our clients, our business and the world around us.

Author's Bio: 

Currently working for an architectural, engineering design and program management firm headquartered in Atlanta. I work with leaders in the firm to plan, develop and implement strategic initiatives, improve employee satisfaction and productivity, and help the organization adapt to changes in the AEC world. Operating like an internal consultant I advocate professional growth and act as a change mentor, I work with all departments to provide resources to managers and directors, implement training processes, building teams and managing employee relations. I am also direct the activites in compensation, benefits, recruitment, and employee relations.