Anger Solutions™ at Work:
How do you cope with Conflict?

Conflict is a part of everyday life, and is ever present in a working environment. Contrary to popular belief, conflict is not always a bad thing – and often leads to great ideas, strategies, and business enhancing products or concepts, all borne of effective problem solving. Take this quick quiz to assess your conflict resolution abilities.

Check each statement that you feel best describes you:

_____I avoid conflict rather than face it head-on.
_____I sometimes over-react… and regret it when things cool off.
_____I seem to “rub people the wrong way” but don’t understand why.
_____I avoid dealing with difficult, aggressive people.
_____Unmanaged conflict gets in the way of forging solutions and solving problems.
_____Negativity, frustration, backstabbing or resentment makes my life miserable.
_____I tend to take my frustrations out on family, friends, even myself.
_____I have regrets about unpleasant confrontations… but I’m still not sure what I should have done.
_____The stress of unresolved conflict is starting to affect my health and emotional well-being.
_____I am frustrated because I don’t think people want to listen to me.
_____I am intimidated and “back down” when challenged by bullies, antagonists, or manipulators.
_____I react to criticism with defensiveness, hostility, or anger.

SCORING: Score 1 point for each statement you’ve checked.

Total 8 or more: DANGER! Unless you improve your conflict management skills, you are in danger of jeopardizing your career and your relationships. Stress and tension may be affecting your physical health.

Total 5 – 7: You will experience difficulty reaching your goals without improving your conflict/anger management skills. Make note of the areas in which you would like to see some improvement.

Less than 5: You have some positive conflict management skills in practice – but even one YES answer indicates room for improvement. Focus your attention on at least one major item that you would like to get answers for.

In the following article, I will provide some strategies to help you cope with and resolve conflict effectively in the workplace.

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Julie Christiansen is an author, speaker, and coach, and the President of BODA reLEAF consulting. To learn more about BRC’s approach to workplace efficiency, contact Julie Christiansen at, and request a FREE copy of her new E-Book, Crazy Busy.