If you want more courage, one way is to cultivate your soul.

Your soul. Many people seem to have lost theirs. Others don't even believe they have one. Most people don't have a clue about their soul; as indicated by the sorry state of affairs society functions out of.

I've even heard people say, "your Higher Self is your soul". And if I hear that statement one more time, I'm going to scream.

No. Forget that. I'm going crazy. I’m going on a rampage. I’m going absolutely berserk. Overturning cars. Tearing up brick buildings with my bare hands. Crushing everything in my path. I'll make The Incredible Hulk look like a sweet little green pea.

So if you know ANYone - or ANY website - that says "your Higher Self is just the same as your soul" - then PLEASE have them remove that statement immediately. Before they have to call out the National Guard to stop me. I'm not kidding this time.

Okay, now that we've got that settled...

I know a little bit about my soul. And I'm learning more all the time.

You can reestablish a relationship with your soul. And it can bestow you with courage. Along with many other wonderful gifts.

Seeking out your soul is an active process. There's nothing passive about it. You can learn to walk the soul's path. And it doesn't even have to take much time out of your busy day. Here's one way to start:

Find a place in nature where you can go. A quiet place. Let's call it 'the place of your soul'. A place outdoors. Even if it's in a park.

Maybe you go there one hour per week. When no one else is around. Say, early Saturday morning. First, clean up all the cigarette butts and other trash. Then, just sit. And imagine.

Gee, if I really did have a soul, I wonder if I could open up my heart and feel it? I wonder how much it loves me? I wonder what it would look like? I wonder what I can do to touch it; and let it touch me? These are the kinds of questions you could ask, as you sit in a place of soul.

Maybe it's a park bench at a quiet time of day. Maybe it's a crook in a tree - where you can rest your back in such a neat way. Maybe it's down by a stream. Or high on a hill, or a ledge. Maybe it's your own back porch, surrounded by house plants.

Wherever it is, designate it: this is my place of soul. And when I sit here, it will be for the express purpose of moving closer to my own soul. Even if you only visit the spot once a week, I think you'll find after a few weeks that your place really does take on a certain unique atmosphere.

Essentially, you're giving your soul a chance to move closer to you. It could grow to be one of your best friends if you let it. Your soul already takes every opportunity you give it to talk to you. It uses two avenues to speak to you: dignity and tragedy. Which one would you prefer?

It only takes a whimsical choice to set up a place of soul: "Yeah, sure, why not? I'm not doing anything next Tuesday."

But it takes a bit of courage to sustain your place of soul. Week after week. Because things will start to happen. However, your soul holds immense courage. Courage it's willing to share with you. You can 'find' greater courage. Along with passion, trust, confidence and joy.

The soul's path is an empowered path. Knowing greater courage in your life stands as one of the treasures of that path.

You give it an inch and it'll give you a mile.

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