Create the results you dream about by utilizing the power within you…
"In To Wish On" Intuition is a wish from our core, directing us to the power to make the dreams of our heart into reality. By simply learning to listen
to the small voice with in us, living a fulfilled and creatively enriching life is completely available. This ultimate source of power will begin to prevent harmful events from affecting us any longer.
Integrity of your core Many of us are living our lives through the desires of others – our spouses, parents, teachers… We have been taught to think a certain way, to behave in a particular fashion, which has formed our personae. However as the years go by, many of us wonder why we are not fulfilled with our jobs, relationships, income… Once we begin to identify that which we were told “who we should be” versus that which our hearts truly are, one can embrace their truth at their core. The relationship to extraneous beliefs have been ingrained in our sub-conscious and un-conscious minds and it is necessary to be aware of them in order to shift the conscious and live in integrity.
Letting go I’ve felt great disappointment when "I" failed to listen to my own guidance. The devastating affects of relationships in my past were ones I won't forget. Those poor choices I made will be with me for a very long time, however I relate to myself and my past in a very positive and empowering
way now and have gained a renewed sense of trust in the process of spiritual life force within my own heart to make my dreams a reality. . Listening to my own inner voice has lead me to heed my unique signals and act on them when necessary, accepting the negative as a tool for personal growth and evolution. Intention building It is a rewarding and exciting process when one
begins to develop his or her own inner discipline. You are the only one who can change your habits and once you make the shift, your life will forever be changing... Guiding you to understand the intuition building process is my life’s strength, and I will do my part to hold you accountable to create the leaps in
your consciousness and find your own power. With this newfound wisdom, you will start to realize how often you were in touch with the truth but didn't comprehend the way your own wise self was communicating.
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Author's Bio: 

Melinda is an alternative medicine self practitioner, life coach & healer,a kundalini yoga teacher & a dance therapy guide. She believes yoga must be applied in every area of living & devotes her life to teaching others how to integrate the body, mind and spirit with grace. Melinda views life as a graceful dance & is always inspiring others to reach into their core identities to create a deeper, more purpose filled life. She shares insightful gifts of who she is at her own core with her 2 creative & talented teenagers, whom she continues to enjoy the growing phases of parenting with.