We all say we want more...

* more money
* more time
* more happiness
* more balance
* more clothes

And, the list goes on...

Have you made space for more in your life? When a container is full, you can't expect to add more to it without it overflowing. Have you made room to attract the abundance you say you want?

So, how can you attract more?

Is your closet overstuffed? Then, you have not created space for something new. Imagine your closet orderly and with space to spare. You have just created an opportunity to attract more clothes.

Are you constantly running out of time? We all have the same 24 hours in a day. How do you use yours? Are you taking on more responsibilities than necessary? Learn to say "no" (and mean it), delegate tasks when possible, trim and prioritize your to do list - everything is not a high priority. When your to-do list is prioritized, you leave time to do the things that are important to YOU.

Do you want to attract more money in your life (a new job, a raise, promotion, self-employment)? In order to attract more money in your life, you must begin to show gratitude for what you already have. Be grateful for the coin you find lying on the street; be grateful for the gift of a cup of coffee; show gratitude when you locate a huge discount on something you want to purchase. When you consistently show gratitude for whatever monies come into your life, you open the door for more money to enter into your life.

Are you overwhelmed trying to balance home, work, social life, school, and the countless tasks associated with each area of your life? Where do you want your energy to go? Which of the things you are trying to balance can be postponed or revamped in a way that frees your mind and body. Living in overwhelm leads to unnecessary stress on your body. Is there a way for you to streamline some tasks, delegate or outsource others? Be adaptable.

Recognize that things will pop up that will require you to adjust and make different choices. Give yourself permission to change things when they aren't working for you. When things don't get done, reschedule and allow for more realistic expectations.


Begin now changing your mindset about how you view abundance. Creating space for opportunities of abundance in any area of your life does not have to be a struggle. It's an easy transition. If you want more information about how you can enjoy a life filled with abundance, contact me to discuss programs that can assist you in achieving your desires.

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