Jewel of the Month: Topaz

Topaz comes in many colors, most familiar is the golden topaz. There is much mythology surrounding this stone. In old cultures of India and Europe, it was considered to be the stone of Jupiter, representing rule over one’s life. Imperial topaz was known as a stone of the sun and a light carrier. Topaz works with the Solar Plexus (3rd chakra), our inner sun. Topaz encourages self-realization, confidence and wisdom. It helps us to discover the inner riches and wealth in our soul and in our lives. Topaz encourages us to overcome limitations while keeping site of reality. Topaz energy acts through the law of attraction and manifestation.

Jewels of Life:

What is true wealth? Many people associate wealth with financial riches and that’s great. We do want to have financial wealth. The question is, is this the only area in life that we can have wealth? The dictionary defines wealth as an “abundance of valuable material or resources”, and also as “abundant supply”. What other areas besides finances can we create wealth? We could create a wealth of knowledge and wisdom or intellectual wealth. We could create a wealth of love and respect in our relationships. How about creating an abundance of health? You can create a wealth of spirit and connection to a higher power. These are all areas where you can grow and create wealth and abundance. James Ray, from the movie “The Secret” teaches this concept in his seminars and workshops, which
I have been attending, and I have taught this concept for many years as well. When you recognize wealth and abundance in all of these areas, you will feel harmonious. Chances are, you have abundance in these areas, however you are perhaps focusing on lack instead. Look at all areas of your life and look at how abundant and rich you really are. Then set out to create even more wealth and abundance in your life in all areas. Be grateful for what you have now and for what you are creating. Have absolute faith that you can create and attract what you desire and realize that you are a master creator in your own life. Look to mentors for more insight and wisdom in creating more wealth in your life. Working with mentors can help shorten the learning curve when it comes to growth and expansion in any area of our lives.

You must decide what you choose to create and what you are willing to do to create it! –James Arthur Ray

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