Karma is the Universal/Cosmic Law of Divine Justice. It holds you accountable for your actions, whether they are good or bad. Basically, you will receive what you send out to the Universe. Your past lives can affect your current karma. Past lives are previous incarnations in which your soul lived in another time and/or place in another physical body. It may be necessary to heal past lives because it can help you to deal with negativity in this life that has been carried over from previous lives (and from the karma, which attached to the psychic body, resulting from the soul’s choices in these lives). By healing negativity in your past lives, you can move forward along the path of healing in your current life.

Using crystals during meditation to heal past lives can be done by holding them in the hands or against the 6th chakra (Third Eye/Brow Chakra). Crystals have the ability (when combined with a clear intent) to clear etheric blockages by opening and balancing your energy system. A crystal grid can also be utilized during meditation to release negativity from your past lives.

I have created several wonderful crystal healing layouts/gridding systems for energetic balance and past life healing.

The first crystal healing layout is in the form of the Buddhist Wheel of the Dharma. It is suggested that his grid be made entirely of double-terminated Tibetan Quartz. Although the Tibetan Quartz are most compatible for this exercise, it is not necessary that they be used (other stones may be substituted if you intuitively feel that they would be more helpful in the given situation). I have found that this crystal layout is best used for Karmic Release during a past life ascension healing session.

The grid should be laid out upon and around the client's body (with the center of the Wheel placed at the heart), or on a picture of the person (or group of people) to be healed. The grid can be as large or small as you like and there is no particular number of crystals that needs to be used.

The second grid is based upon the Sanskrit symbols for each of the chakras and should be used for general chakra healing and energetic balance. In this crystal healing grid, the Sanskrit chakra symbols are created out of crystals and placed on the appropriate chakra of the body.

The goal of clearing karma and releasing past life trauma is ascension. Ascension is the evolution of your conscious awareness. By raising your energy vibration (through positive actions and thought/intentions) you are able to advance your state of awareness and move further down the path of spiritual awakening.

*Crystal Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to complement and enhance it. The information within this guide is purely metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical. Crystal Healing should only be used with the understanding that it is not an independent therapy, but one that is a part of a holistic healing approach.

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Ashley has been drawn to work with crystals and stones since childhood. After years of self-study, she began earning a number of professional certifications in crystal healing. Ashley Leavy is a Master of Crystology and is Certified and accredited in Melody’s Level I & Level II Love is in the Earth Workshops. She has also studied with Master Crystal Teacher DaEl Walker of the Crystal Awareness Institute. Ashley has earned many other certifications over the years and considers continuing education on the subject to be a top priority. Ashley is also a member of the Global Spiritual & Holistic Association, which strives to support a professional approach and a high standard of practice for ethical and conscientious holistic therapists. In addition to offering healing sessions, Ashley loves to teach and presents a number of in-person workshops as well as correspondences courses on crystal healing. She is also an accomplished, published author and is currently writing a book on crystal healing.
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