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1. Harnessing The Power of Change 1
2. Self Assessment 15
3. Creating Your Vision 38
4. Charting Your Path 64
5. The Journey Begins 76
6. Motivation – Keeping Your Edge 105
7. Checking In 119
8. The Journey's End 132
Appendix A – The Integral Primer 141
Appendix B – The Integral Life Index 144
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When was the last time you became really excited
about a book? Has something you read ever touched you
in a way you knew would change your life? We believe
this book will have that effect for you, that as you work
through it you will experience a deeply satisfying sense
that what you are reading will help you take greater
charge of your life and empower you to manifest your
heart’s deepest desires.
What do you want for your life? How do you want your
life to look next year, in five or ten years? Perhaps you
are living an extraordinary life now and only a few tweaks
here and there would bring you complete satisfaction.
Perhaps you long to totally re-invent your life or maybe
even harbor dreams of greatness. Regardless of how great
or small the changes you want for your life, this book is a
step-by-step guide to help you achieve them. Do you
have any doubts that you can take charge of your life
and make the changes you want? Just how high do you
dare to aim?
Think for a moment of the many people across history
who overcame insurmountable odds to achieve a
greatness most of us would think unattainable. Modern
examples include; Martin Luther King, an obscure
preacher who unshackled a nation from segregation;
Terry Fox who, after losing a leg to cancer, ran across
Canada to raise public awareness and support for the
fight against the disease; and Sir Richard Branson who
overcame dyslexia to become one of the most notable
entrepreneurs the world has known. Each had to
overcome incredible odds to reach their greatness. How
did they do it? Perhaps they were naturally gifted or had
great teachers and mentors. Quite likely, though, they
simply knew how to hold firm to a dream, channel their
inner assets, and use their external resources until they
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reached their destinies. So the question you may want to
ask yourself is, “how can I do that?”
Some have suggested that we merely need to focus
long enough and hard enough on what we want and the
universe will oblige our desires. A score of books have
addressed this process under various titles, including the
Law of Intention and Desire (e.g., Chopra, 1994) and the
Law of Attraction (e.g., Byrne, 2006). If you are among a
growing number of people who have become
disenchanted with this promise, take heart; both ancient
teachings and modern science suggest there is a missing
piece to the formula.
We believe in the power of clarity and vision to help
manifest our hearts desires, but we also know that
without this missing element our hopes and dreams most
often remain a fantasy. This critical element is effective
action. This book will teach you to use effective action to
harness the power of change to your advantage. So how
then are some of us so capable of manifesting our
dreams? The short answer is clarity, vision, and effective
action. Deep Coaching can teach you how to use these
three pillars of excellence to construct a solid foundation
for your dreams and then build the life you desire.
“Harness the power of change and anything is
possible” ~ G.S. Renfrey
Deep Coaching is an innovative approach to personal
change. It is a process that teaches you how to determine
where you are in your life; identify your strengths,
interests, and talents; recognize what you deeply value;
and then bring these together to help you create a vision
of your future that will bring you true satisfaction. Deep
Coaching helps you draw a road map to your dreams by
identifying the goals that will lead to your vision and
teaches you how to harness and direct your energy to
ensure you arrive at your desired destination.
Imagine what your life would be like if your energy and
talents became directed toward what you really wanted
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instead of being dissipated in too many directions? How
much could you achieve? How empowered would you
feel? Imagine what you would do with your life then.
Knowing where you really want to go in life, knowing a
path that will take you there, and learning to channel
your energies toward that destination is the promise and
power of Deep Coaching.
This book includes exercises to step you through each
phase of dream manifestation and personal
transformation. More than this, it can help you develop
powerful inner resources that will improve your
relationship with yourself, boost your self-confidence,
and transform your life experiences to bring you greater
joy in your everyday experiences.
Imagine that you had a personal coach who has
already achieved everything you’ve ever hoped for and
that your coach was available to you 24/7. What
differences would that make in your life? Imagine you
had a motivational expert available on demand and that
this expert knew you as well as you did, knew how to
excite you, motivate you, and renew your enthusiasm.
Imagine what you could accomplish! Imagine if you had a
constant companion who could see your greatness and
believed in you when you couldn’t. How would that feel?
Deep Coaching will train you to develop your resources
through the creation of an Inner Coach.
Your Inner Coach is within you right now, waiting to
accompany and support you on your life journey. With
your Inner Coach beside you, urging you on when things
get tough and celebrating with you when you have
success, you will have the support and encouragement
you’ll need to reach your dreams.
“It's never too late to be what you might have
been” ~ George Elliott
So what do you want for your life? Stop for a moment
and contemplate what your life would be like if you could
reach your goals sooner than you expected? Can you
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imagine what dreams and vistas lay beyond? If you are
like most of us, you have far greater potential for
happiness and achievement than you’ve realized so far.
With this book as your guide, you will learn some of the
most effective techniques and processes known for
harnessing the power of change to create the life you
deeply desire. Perhaps the greatest gift this book has to
offer is its capacity to help you identify powerful inner
resources that will help you in every area of your life.
“It's time to start living the life you've
imagined” ~ Henry James
Deep Coaching will take you on a journey that will give
you clarity about where you are in your life today, what
you deeply value, and what your interests and talents
are; enable you to create a vision of your desired future
and road map to get you there; and teach you not only
how to reach your dreams, however great or small, but to
do so in manner and style that befits you. Every journey
starts with a step. Just as one step follows another, this
is not the kind of book where you can read the last
chapter to learn the secret. Deep Coaching is a process,
just as a journey is a process of discovery over time. Join
us as we travel through the book. We hope you will make
discoveries along the way that will enhance the quality of
your life and deepen your appreciation for how
exceptional you are, and for how great your true potential
“You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring
at the water. Don't let yourself indulge in vain wishes” ~
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Harnessing the Power of Change
"Change is inevitable. Change is constant"
~ Benjamin Disraeli
The above quote captures one of the most pervasive yet
ignored realities of life. Change is happening right now,
all around you, and yet you likely perceive your self and
your world as relatively constant. In fact, most of us
share a deep human need to view our lives as just that:
stable, consistent, and predictable. That fantasy does
make day-to-day living feel safer and more comfortable,
but ignoring the enveloping reality of change can make
us unavailable to valuable experiences and opportunities.
We pay a huge price for not being conscious of change:
a lost appreciation for just how precious each moment of
our lives is. Each moment is a unique gift of time and
place that can never be recaptured or repeated. By being
unaware of the constancy of change, we can mistakenly
presume that our moments, days, and weeks are
interchangeable commodities and in doing so fail to
realize the deepest appreciation for our existence.
Another cost of ignoring the reality of change, one that
is most relevant to this book, is the failure to recognize
and use the golden gift it offers us each day. Change is
happening whether we like it or not; if we fail to recognize
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it, change will happen to us; if we acknowledge and take
advantage of it, change will happen for us. That is the
core focus of this book: directing change to happen for
you in ways that will enhance your lives, enable us to
realize our highest potential, and to manifest our deepest

This book presents a synthesis of established and
cutting edge concepts and methods to harness the power
of change in a process we call Deep Coaching. It reflects
nearly forty years of collective clinical and coaching
experience and we believe it to be the most effective
process available for self-directed personal
transformation and performance enhancement. Before
we go further, there are a few points we wish to make to
help ensure you get the most out of this book and out of
your life.
Getting The Most From This Book
Even the most effective methods of manifesting change
are only as good as the time and effort put into them.
Deep Coaching is a highly efficient process and should
place minimal demand on your precious time and energy.
The results you obtain and the time they take to manifest
will depend on how grand the changes are, your desire
for them, and how well you focus your time and energies.
You will gain a clear understanding just what it will take
to realize your dreams as you work through this book
and begin to develop your transformational road maps.
Deep Coaching is an amazing self-management tool
that will serve you well in just about every aspect of your
life. For the changes that you have in mind or will soon
Trip Tip: Change is inevitable. Whether it
happens for you or to you is a choice, a matter
of conscious action.
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formulate, you could hire a professional coach or
consultant to guide you through a similar process with
similar results. Deep Coaching will enable you to avoid
the expense of hiring a professional coach, to reduce
your reliance on a coach if you use one now, and most
importantly enhance your capacity to take control of your
life and direct it from within.
Each of us can benefit from outside help when we take
on an important endeavor and we anticipate that you will
want to use it at some point. With that in mind we have
included a section that will help you determine how
much external support you may need and the best ways
to get the most out of it.
Finally, not all changes that we might want are equal.
Some can add innumerably to the overall quality of our
lives and happiness, while others can actually lessen
them. The changes that are most beneficial are almost
always congruent with our truest interests and take us
closer to what we deeply value. The process of
manifesting this sort of change can maintain our
attention and enthusiasm even in the face of serious
Changes that lessen the quality of our lives are most
often those that require us to embrace what we have little
interest in and so take us away from what we really
want. So why would anyone opt for the latter? Usually
because of a lack of clarity for where one is in life, what
one’s talents and interests are, and what one really
wants and why. The process of manifesting this sort of
change presents a challenge to your focus and
motivation. In chapter 3 you will find further discussions
of this and tools to help ensure that the changes you set
for yourself are the right ones for you.
Whenever we set our hearts in a desired direction it is
often helpful to think of it as embarking on a special
journey. Throughout this book there are exercises in selfexploration
and awareness that we’ve designed to help
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you plan the journey that is right for you and stay on
your chosen path until you arrive at your desired
destination. We strongly suggest you begin a Deep
Coaching journal today to record your process. It can be
used as a workbook for the exercises to come and for
documenting your progress. Before we go further,
however, we’d like you to engage in a brief fantasy.
Take a moment to imagine the following scenario.
You are living in New York and one day, as you are
traveling on a crowded subway, you read a
magazine article on San Francisco. As you read, the
flickering of the train’s lights, the noise of the rails,
and the gritty scent of the city fade away and you
are captivated by images of sunshine, cable cars,
and blue bay waters. You can almost hear gulls and
seals at the docks and smell the freshness of the air
coming in from the Pacific.
Your stop comes and you are roused from your
fantasy. As you leave the train for a busy day at
work, the vision lingers and you feel a powerful
desire to visit the city by the bay.
The desire builds through the morning and you
repeatedly pull out the magazine and fantasize a
walk through San Francisco’s Marina district, a boat
ride on the bay, and a side trip to wine country. You
imagine the sights, sounds, and smells of it all and
you create a powerful and compelling sense of what
it would feel like to be there.
At lunch you come to a decision; you are going to
take a few long overdue weeks of vacation to realize
your vision and visit San Francisco. For the rest of
the workday your thoughts are crowded with
possibilities: How will I go: train, plane, or
That night, as you sit back and enjoy a nice glass of
Napa Valley old vine Zinfandel, the thought of taking
a long road trip quickens your heartbeat with
excitement and creates a warm sense of pleasure.
You’ve decided. You will drive across country to San
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We are all on a journey through life. Some of us move
through it and hope for the best while others move with
intension toward authentic and extraordinary lives. In
the coming days and weeks of working through this
book, you will learn to take conscious control over the
direction of your journey and to reach the destinations
you deeply desire. We look forward to sharing a portion
of your journey with you through this book.
The Law Of Attraction
A lot of excited attention has been directed toward the
Law of Attraction” in recent years. The best selling book,
The Secret, is only the latest in a score of writings on this
timeless principle. The fundamental concept is simple: if
we imagine what we want, act and feel as though we
already have it, express enthusiasm and gratitude for
having it in our life, be open to receiving it, it will
manifest for us.
This has a powerful appeal and there are good reasons
to believe in its power; both science and metaphysics can
be used to substantiate the claim that what we focus on
in our lives will grow and what we take our attention
away from will shrink. But is it really so simple that we
only have to imagine what we want clearly and strongly
enough and somehow the universe will grant our
desires? Probably not: it just does not seem to hold that
wishes alone manifest into physical reality.
If you are one of the many who have become
disillusioned with the promise of the Law of Attraction,
take heart; there is a missing piece of the formula to
realizing your dreams that other ageless teachings and
modern science addresses. The missing piece is effective
“Wise effort can be discerned as the difference
between someone who simply fantasizes and
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someone who is on the path toward their
dreams” ~ Aadil Palkhivala
The Law of Attraction speaks to the importance of
having a clear and desirable vision of what we want in
our lives and to maintaining a steady focus on that
vision. The metaphysical rationale comes down to this:
by creating a clear vision of what we desire, by
sustaining focus on that vision, and by holding an
unwavering intention to bring the dream to life, we direct
the creative powers within the universe to manifest our
desire into physical form. It can help us focus on the
positive in our lives and give us a deep sense of being
supported and cared for.
Those two benefits alone are worth the effort as they
are emotionally basic to a healthy and happy perspective
on life. There are other psychological benefits of engaging
the Law of Attraction. Among them are:
1. having a sense of connection to the powerful forces
of the universe;
2. assuming full responsibility for one’s life and for
one’s destiny;
3. encouraging a belief in a desired and positive
Perhaps the greatest benefit stems from the fact that
we appear to be hard-wired to move toward what we are
focused on. A simple example of this principle was made
clear to one of the co-authors during advanced driver
The most important lesson I learned about how to
avoid an accident was to ‘look where I wanted to go,
not at what I wanted to avoid.’ While maneuvering
through a demanding pylon course at high speed it
became all too clear that the car seemed to go
wherever I focused my attention. Look at a pylon, I
was certain to hit it. Look at the opening, I was
certain to make it through. It was like magic, like an
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unseen force was directing me through or into harm's
But it wasn’t magic; it was biology and psychology. We
are each designed this way by nature, a manifestation of
the creative power of the universe; wherever our focus
goes, the rest of us will follow. What we focus on, we will
tend to “steer” toward through our everyday actions
however small they may be.
You are what your deep, driving desire is. As
your desire, so is your will. As your will, so is
your deed. As your deed, so is your destiny
~ Brihadaranyaka Upanishad IV.4.5
Your deeds, your actions are what ultimately lead to
the manifestation of your dreams. Dreaming is a
necessary beginning, but action is what makes the dream
a reality. Like someone sitting in New York fantasizing
about being in San Francisco, all the thinking and
dreaming in the world will not automatically result in
being teleported there or an airplane ticket being
delivered to your door. Action has to be taken by you to
make it happen.
For example: Let’s say you are sitting in New York
fantasizing about being in San Francisco, how could that
daydream become a reality? If you had the time and
finances available, you could simply call up a travel
agent and book a package. Alternately you could plan a
road trip for your summer holiday or at least begin to
research places of interest in the Bay Area. As long as
you place sufficient attention on visiting San Francisco,
even small acts, such as buying a map, will catalyze
further steps and result in the dream becoming
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a
single step ~ Chinese proverb.
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Through its creative power the universe has gifted
each of us with the ability to manifest our desires, to
take a thought or vision and turn it into a thing of
substance. The only way your dreams can materialize in
the physical world is through action. The universe will
support you in this creative effort; and it may even seem
at times that things come together for you effortlessly,
but your actions are invariably responsible.
“The mode in which the inevitable comes to
pass is through effort” - Oliver Wendell Holmes
Deepak Chopra speaks about a point of spiritual
development where you have only to think and the
thought is manifested: “Ultimately you come to a state
where you do nothing and accomplish everything”.1 This
can be taken as part literal and part allegorical: when
your deepest desires are aligned with your intentions and
your passionate interests, then the pursuit of your
dreams can seem effortless and their manifestation into
the realm of physical reality can seem miraculous. This
book is intended to help you achieve this alignment so
that realizing your dreams may seem effortless.
What Deep Coaching Is and Is Not
So what is Deep Coaching? Put simply, Deep Coaching
is a process that empowers the practitioner to accrue the
benefits of professional coaching while learning the art
and science of self-directed living. It is intended to help
you solve the puzzle of how best to optimize the quality of
your life, realize your potential, and manifest your
dreams. It is derived in part from professional coaching.
Professional Coaching is a relatively new personal
service that helps the clients set and reach personally
determined goals. The process usually involves clarifying
what changes the client wants; determining the best
1 The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success: A Practical Guide To The
Fulfillment Of Your Dreams. Deepak Chopra. Amber-Allen, 1994, P. 54
Harnessing The Power Of Change { PAGE }
goals to aim for; creating a road map to them; and then
providing the structure, feedback, and motivational
support needed to keep the client focused and on track.
A coach is an expert in the technology of change and
does not need a high degree of expertise in the area a
client is interested in pursuing to be effective.
Deep Coaching is learning to coach yourself and then
some. In reference to taking a road-trip, it is like having
your coach ride shotgun for you, beside you for the entire
journey where he or she will be your constant
companion, navigator and motivator. We also intend to
show you how Deep Coaching can provide several
benefits that professional coaching cannot and some that
are usually only derived from counseling and therapy. It
is not, however, a substitute for therapy when therapy is
really needed.
Deep Coaching can be helpful to anyone and everyone,
but it is not intended to correct significant emotional
problems such as anxiety and depression. Deep
Coaching can help you cultivate a better relationship
with yourself, a more positive perception of your life, and
help you live more effectively. As such it can be helpful
as an adjunct to counseling and therapy but it should
not be selected as a primary means to “clinical” or
“therapeutic” change.
We have included a self-assessment guide below to
help determine if you would also benefit from counseling,
therapy, or mentoring. To explore whether it would be
wise to seek counseling or therapy in addition to Deep
Coaching please consider these questions carefully.
1. Are you significantly depressed or do you suffer
from high levels of anxiety / emotional distress?
2. Are the changes you want primarily about reducing
anxiety, feelings of depression, or some other
emotional / mental distress?
3. Have you recently thought about suicide?
4. Do you have an addiction problem?
Harnessing The Power Of Change { PAGE }
If you answered, “yes” to one or more of the above
questions then we advise you to consult with a qualified
mental health practitioner regarding the nature of your
needs and recommended treatment options. To state our
position again, Deep Coaching should not be your
primary means of help with the sorts of issues listed
above; however, it can be a brilliant addition to any other
healing services you may engage.
Now to explore whether you would be wise to seek
consultations or mentoring in addition to Deep Coaching
please consider these questions carefully:
1. Are you interested in effecting positive changes in
your work environment or coworkers that are not
based primarily on your actions?
2. Are you looking for guidance in a specialized area
of your life such as fitness training, business, or
career development?
3. Do you feel you lack any specific knowledge needed
to make the changes you want and believe you
cannot find this through personal research?
If you answered yes to one or more of these, you might
want to consider consulting with one or more experts in
the field(s) involved. This may lead you to hiring a
specialist (e.g., fitness trainer, business consultant) and
could lead to a valuable mentoring relationship.
You will be able to create profound changes in your
career through Deep Coaching but these changes will be
mediated through changes in yourself. Attempting to
change co-workers or other elements of a work
environment is often a poor choice if you are not in a
position to use legitimate and appropriate authority to do
so. Consulting with experts in your field is
Finally, if you have attempted to use sound
approaches to personal change in the past yet something
inexplicable has always prevented the progress you’d
hoped for, you may have an emotional or cognitive block
Harnessing The Power Of Change { PAGE }
getting in the way of personal achievement. It may also
be that the goals you set for yourself were not the right
ones for you. You can explore these possibilities further
through this book but you may also want to consult with
a coach or counselor about what may have gone wrong
for you.
By considering your answers to these questions you
should now have a reasonable idea about your needs and
be ready to move forward. Let’s now look at a core part of
the process you will soon be learning: the Integral
The Integral Approach
You are likely to be at least somewhat familiar with
what is known as the holistic perspective; a holistic
approach to any subject matter takes into account
multiple facets of that subject. A holistic perspective on
your physical health would look at the usual indicators
that most physicians focus on (e.g., blood pressure,
blood lipid profile, the presence or absence of disease,
and so on) but would also look at other factors that have
a significant impact on health, such as emotional well
being, exercise and sleeping habits, nutrition, quality of
your physical environment et cetera.
A holistic view of your life in general would expand to
include mental and spiritual factors, environment, work
and social lives, lifestyle, and any other aspect relevant
to you.
The power of the holistic perspective is that it provides
more information about why a situation or condition
exists and more options for making changes. Viewing our
lives and activities through a holistic lens can help us
appreciate the interplay between the many aspects of our
lives and help us to align them in a harmonious balance.
A key assumption of holism is that when the elements of
our lives we are in balance, we are happier and more
Harnessing The Power Of Change { PAGE }
effective in everything we do.

In the next chapter you will begin your transformative
process by using a holistic model to assess your life
satisfaction. The Integral Life Index is a tool we designed
to help give you a broad perspective on how you feel
about your life today. This will be an initial snapshot of
yourself. You will then be able to take similar snapshots
of yourself at various points in the future to assess the
results of your transformative work, very much like a
body builder might use photos taken every two months
to gage progress.
We don’t stop there, however. A central feature of the
approach used in this book is that it will take you a step
or two beyond the holistic and into the realm of the
The Integral model and tools you will learn are based
on the Integral Model espoused by writers such as Ken
Wilber [cf. 2000a2, 2000b3]. That model is the product of
a remarkable body of work that has accumulated over
the past few decades. It is a bold attempt to create a way
to encompass as many perspectives as possible in
understanding our selves and the world about us. The
Integral Model is at the cutting edge of the human
consciousness movement and you will be learning how to
use it to ensure that the changes you create for yourself
in the coming months and years are really the best for
The complete Integral Model is unnecessarily complex
for our purposes so we have simplified it for this book.
2 A Theory Of Everything: An Integral Vision For Business, Politics, Science,
and Spirituality. Ken Wilber. Shambhala, 2000.
3 Integral Psychology: Consciousness, Spirit, Psychology, Therapy. Ken
Wilber. Shambhala, 2000.
Trip Tip: Keep the primary areas of your life in
balance to ensure a smooth and efficient
Harnessing The Power Of Change { PAGE }
Think of the Integral model as a lens through which you
can examine your life and the changes you will be
working toward from three different perspectives.
Combined with the Integral Life Index, it will give you a
rich viewpoint on yourself and the changes you want to
manifest while remaining simple and easy to use.
Learning to explore and plan your life from an Integral
perspective will enable you to make the best choices for
yourself, those that will yield the greatest benefits.
The Integral lens we use is based on three
perspectives: that of the Self, Culture, and Nature.
Self - This is the perspective Personal consciousness;
the world, inside and out, that you experience through
your own senses. When you are aware of your body
through your sensations, when you are aware of what is
going on within your mind through your consciousness,
when you are aware of the outside world through your
senses, you are experiencing reality from this first level.
As an example of this, let us suppose you decide to
become a vegetarian. The impact you think this decision
would have on you personally and how you feel about
that would be from this first level perspective. Maybe you
would feel good because you would be living more
congruently with some personal ethical values you hold.
Perhaps you would simultaneously feel a loss because
you really love prime rib and know you will miss it. It
may be that you expect to feel better physically because
your body does not digest meats very well. It is an
entirely internal and subjective perspective, the
perspective of the Self.
Culture – This is the perspective of your social
community, how things might appear from a collective
point of view, through the eyes of “us”. When you think
about how being a vegetarian will impact your immediate
and distant social world, you might imagine yourself at
odds with your friends at restaurants because they are
all big meat eaters. You may also imagine that you could
Harnessing The Power Of Change { PAGE }
become a positive role model for them and at minimum
you would be doing your part to reduce the demand for
meat which would in turn contribute to changes in the
market place. You might even imagine this helping to
reduce the negative impact that meat production is
having on the quality of life for many around the world.
It is an entirely external point of view but it blends
collective forms of the subjective and objective. This is
the perspective of the Culture.
Nature - This perspective is that of the natural world,
one step removed from the human experience. This is the
perspective often thought of as the rational, scientific
viewpoint of things wherein people and all of our
activities are seen as a part of the whole but in a
detached, objective way.
From this perspective you would consider the impact
of becoming a vegetarian on the physical environment as
a whole. Perhaps you would see this as having a small
but positive impact on the biosphere. You might also look
at what impact your choice could have on the
marketplace from the impartial lens of social science or
economics. This third perspective is external and entirely
objective; it is the perspective of Nature.
In terms of our road trip metaphor, the Self
perspective would be your own experience of the trip. The
Culture perspective would be that of how your friends
and loved one’s view the journey and the impact you will
leave on the people you encounter along the way. The
Nature perspective might include a detached, bird’s eye
view of the two-legged creature as it treks across a vast
landmass and the effect it has on the other inhabitants
of the biosphere.
As mentioned, this combination of perspectives is a
simplification of the Integral Model. For those interested
in learning more about the full model refer to Appendix
A, which is a brief primer and includes references to
Harnessing The Power Of Change { PAGE }
assist deeper exploration. For the rest of this book,
however, you will be using the simplified model to explore
your life and desired changes from these three
perspectives. In the next chapter, you will begin your
transformative process in earnest.

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I am a successful entrepreneur, business development executive, and business and communication consultant before training as a therapist and life coach. I have an MA from The University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Science from the McGill University. I also attended The Ontario College of Art, Columbia University and I have a three year degree in Leadership and Psychotherapy from The Gestalt Institute of Toronto. I have coach training from the Gestalt Institute and the Coaches Training Institute. I bring a wealth of experience and aptitudes to the exciting and fulfilling work of coaching. The breadth of my experience and the training I've had ensures that you'll get insight, clarity and direction from me.

As a communication consultant, I help entrepreneurs and start-up companies raise capital and get established in their fields, I also worked with non-profits and government agencies. I help them clarify who they are and what their purpose is and helped them clearly communicate it. I worked for ventures such as Aerius Wireless, Valt.x Technologies and LanPak, companies that aren't household names, but will be one day.

Bradley combines motivation with ingenuity to help you understand what is important personally and professionally for you. I highly recommend Coach Bradley to any entrepreneur or executive who is feeling worn down by the "details" of piloting the ship (or multiple ships). Jon, Colorado

As a life coach and business development consultant, I helped companies find synergy with other companies, locate and communicate with investors, raise money, and connect them with government programs that helped them develop new lines of products.

I've also worked as a writer, and communications consultant. I have published dozens of articles in North American newspapers, websites and magazines and for Reuters and Thomson Newspapers over the past twenty years. Many of my articles on coaching can be found here. I co-authored a book on self-coaching with psychologist and coach, Dr. Stephen Renfrey, gleaned from our experiences coaching clients. I am currently writing a book on appreciation and gratitude.

I am an associate life coach at Feroce Coaching and a featured coach at My Life Coach in addition to co-founding Kingsbridge Coaching, which specializes in developing the art of authentic leadership for exceptional, self-directed executives. I also coach and mentor other coaches one on one and in group coaching tele-seminars. Coach Michele Caron and I run a coach mentoring tele-seminar on a regular basis.

Balance is important for me so in addition to coaching, I also write, volunteer and pursue yoga and several hobbies. I just published my first book, Deep Coaching: A Guide to Self Directed Living, which is available in eBook or printed versions through the link.

I also write a regular career column in Job Postings magazine called Ask The Coach. I was recently interviewed by Tanner Stransky for his new book Find Your Inner Ugly Betty: 25 Career Lessons for Young Professionals Inspired by TV Shows, which is now available.