Depressed about money?

Depressed about your health, your circumstances? How does depression help you out of the hole you feel you have dug for yourself? How does depression resolve situations? Here's the answer.

Depression is a dark feeling which keeps you depressed.

What is this thing called depression? It's a feeling. It's a feeling you decided should be part of your repertoire of feelings. You picked it up along the way. You saw someone use it. You decided to put it in as a tool in your life.
It's a decision you made as a very young child. Maybe when you were a baby. When you made that decision you didn't know any better. Isn't it time to reconsider your decision to choose depression?Ask yourself a question.

How does depression help me?

How does depression solve the circumstances that made me depressed? You quickly see. Depression doesn’t give you a solution. Otherwise, circumstances would have changed or you would know how to deal with them effectively.

Depression contains lot of negative feelings. It makes you mad. It makes you sad. It tells you to beat yourself up. Depression makes you live in regret. All of that is negative. How does that help you?

Negative feelings drag you down. Do negative feelings fix whatever depressed you? Do negative feelings make you happy?

How can you go UP by going down?

Many people like to live in a state of depression. They saw people around them living in depression as a baby. They decided depression is the way to live.Depression is a drag. It drags you in the opposite direction of good.

You want to have abundant money, vibrant health, lasting, loving relationships. You want to be happy. You want peace of mind with no stress. That's in the direction of high energy. It's in the direction of up.

Depression is low energy and the direction is down.

In Ancient Greek mythology the mermaids lured the sailors over to the rocks. The sailors sailed over and met their destruction on the rocks.

Old feelings, you put in a long time ago, such as depression, are mermaids. They’re a bad habit that lures you into depression and crashes you into the rocks.

Be vigilant. See the mermaids of depression. The mermaids may be alluring. However, they possess negative feelings which then possess you if you embrace them. See the mermaids of depression luring you over to the rocks. Sail your ship in the opposite direction. Sail away from the rocks and out into the freedom of the open seas. Sail away from the rocks.

Decide to be positive in spite of any circumstance.
That's how to change your circumstances and spin your life upward.

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