Most people feel that they are here or were born for a reason. You may feel that there is something on the inside that eats at you daily, your passion. Could this be your destiny? I started searching for the things inside of me that made a difference daily in my life. The things that I felt on the inside that were for me to accomplish in my life for myself and perhaps for others. When I started off looking, searching and beginning to develop, there was always a haunting like feeling that stopped me right at a certain point. My vision and hopes suddenly became disappointment, depression and anger. What would hold me from moving forward over and over again? I found out that between my beginnings and my destiny was fear.

Have you ever begun a project that you know would take you to another level in your finances or just self pride in achieving a goal, just to drop it before it really began? How about starting several projects and never accomplishing the goal or seeing it manifest?

I have come to the conclusion that procrastination is developed from fear. Right around the time that you are ready to release a dream, a vision of failure, usually put in us by circumstances surrounding our lives creeps in. It always seems to happen before you reach that point of no return. At that point, you may be accountable, that is where the problem lies.

As an inspirational speaker and business owner, I have to help other achieve their goals. How many times do we hear "Practice what you Preach!" We tell everyone else how to, when to and if it is or not possible, but don't take the advise ourselves. I took time to look at myself, my business and my current financial status. I can honesty say that with the ability to move freely with faith in my beliefs and self confidence, I would have gotten me much further at this point.

I learned how to set goals for myself. Realistic goals that I keep in front of my face daily. I walk around with a piece of paper, type them on my lap top and rehearse them. If my day does not end with lines through my daily goals, my day does not end. That means my new day of business or personal goals cannot begin until the other ends.

Now, is it easy, NO! I learned how to find someone who can hold me accountable for my actions. I have notified people around me of the same old stuff that keeps showing up that can keep me from moving forward. I clearly say, if you see me stopping, remind me to keep going. Many people don't want to do anything like this because it shows in our minds a sign of weakness. It is really just the opposite, if you can ask someone to help you with your next step; you are showing yourself quite intelligent. You can get so mad at people that seem to just always move forward so quickly with their visions and dreams. I have looked through my notebooks and emails and see all the wonderful and creative things that I had not done. The only problem is that I would not get mad enough to move and do something. I just chalked it up as another great idea.

What comes between our beginnings and our destiny is really up to us, and it is usually us. I will admit to day that I have been my worst enemy when it comes to things that I want to do. My greatest assignment that I gave myself in the last few months is to step out by myself and accomplish something new. I had several projects on the table that I had not looked at in years. While sitting on the side of my bed feeling quite useless and in a rut, these projects came to mind. The hardest past for me was grabbing the paper, phone, pen and pencil and moving into the projects. People were all around to pick me up and put me down. There are people around me every day that told others that I would never accomplish anything positive in life unless I did it through their supervision. Destiny has no supervision other than from the one who predestined it to be so. Anyone that you will ever read about or hear their story that has been successful will tell you, the road to destiny is long and hard. Along the way are many who will never believe in you and others that are placed to stand along your path and guide you.

Next time, I would like to share with you some of the most common obstacles that hinder your walk towards a brighter future.

Author's Bio: 

Karen L. Donald is truly a woman of personal victory. As an established entrepreneur, Karen founded Donald and Associates, which is rapidly becoming one of the most creative marketing and image firms in the United States. As a trainer, International speaker and 20 years of Multimedia experience, she has formed a team of specialist across the globe.

She has been most demanded as an Inner Image Coach for sales teams and personal development, which focuses on workshops for the total man. She herself is a survivor of different forms of abuse, which is her message and medicine for empowerment and emotional healing.

When asked of her success, she says that being transparent in all areas of her life is used to help others. Her words of encouragement to all are simple but powerful. "Everyday you live is a second chance at life!"