This morning as I watched the local news, I was appalled by another segment on the failing health of our society. I felt empathy, sadness and a need to help with an offer of suggestions and encouragement. It was similar support that changed my life and gave me hope to turn my life around from physical, mental and spiritual demise.

Prior to July 14, 1980 I was a seemingly hopeless drunk and drug addict. I had an empty soul, terrible attitude and an obese body. I nearly destroyed my life and the lives of everyone around me. I had become unwilling to take responsibility for any part of my life. I blamed everyone and everything for my unhappiness. I had become a leach on society. My habits eventually became me, driving my life into darkness. On one fateful day I hit the lowest point in my entire life and became teachable. With my mind finally open, I realized that my life style had driven me to my knees, from which miracles can happen.

I have worked diligently in order to recover from years of self-abuse. The damage created from decades of disrespect is immense. I not only have had to recreate myself, I have also had to clean up all the disorder I wrought in my life. I had a life to rebuild, creditors to repay and relationships to reconcile. It has taken me years to remove the majority of the debris in my life. I remain attentive toward insuring that regular maintenance will reduce the need for another major overhaul.

Every morning I grudgingly resume my daily discipline by getting out of bed to meet my morning physical, mental and spiritual routine. Although I realize it is for my best interest it is still a constant battle to stay regimented to good comprehensive health. I realized how hard I have worked to develop a healthy life style and also understand how easily it can all fall away. If I take time away from my systemization, I quickly lose interest and fall into old, unhealthy habits. When I lose focus on my new habits, I immediately begin reverting back to my old ones.

Our society is falling into ruin? We have become lazy and inattentive. We are becoming an addictive society. Why is it that we are constantly looking for something outside of us to fulfill an emptiness that dwells within us? We are constantly trying to quell our inner hunger with earthly pleasures. We overindulge with food, sex, money, power, anger, ad infinitum. The dilemma is that the more we stuff into the emptiness, the more holes we drill into the bottom of the boat and eventually the boat will sink.

We will never quell spiritual urge with physical things. Our spiritual nature is embedded in our body, which without discipline, is controlled by our human nature. It is natural for us to want the soul's weeping to stop so we treat it with what makes human sense. Without discipline we become laden with human thoughts and ideas, which eventually become bad habits, which in time become human addiction. This process makes the hole inside us larger instead of smaller.

The situation is actually quite easy to understand and simple to rectify. When our souls entered this existence, they immediately became separated from the whole or God. This distance created a void. A law of physics is that the universe abhors a vacuum or a void. Anytime anything in the universe exhibits desolation, a diametric conversion takes place and the void is dissolved. Creation, or God as I call it, is the only source of a contributory diametric conversion for our soul.

The only answer to positive well being is balancing good physical health, good mental health and constant spiritual communication (prayer and meditation). It is through this process that I have found a happiness that fills my soul to overflowing, consequently my desire to help others. This process has not only propelled me but has worked similarly for everyone I have ever mentored in this method. This thrust has driven me to become a life coach and finally I have recently acquired my Bachelor's degree and have become an ordained Metaphysical minister, toward completion of my Doctorate degree.

I pray that all of you find that which will fill your emptiness. If you may ever need help feel free to contact me through my information below.

Your life is PERFECT!
Rev. Randolph W. Ek, B.Msc

Author's Bio: 

Randolph W. Ek is an ordained Metaphysical minister. He has risen from a dark life of alcoholism and drug addiction like the great Phoenix in becoming a renowned teacher and healer. He is an author, speaker and life coach.