~ Distance Healing ~ By S. Kamala
Quantum physics suggests that we are all interconnected, that all matter is constantly changing and that Newtonian physics has led us away from the truth of the universe ~ clogging our mind with stale and limited thinking.
Einstein's entanglement theory (Spooky Action at a Distance) points to the fact that we affect one another both consciously and unconsciously and that there is a communication system in place between all things which occurs faster than the speed of light.
The power of thoughts and the vibrations emanating from our thought patterns are part of an interconnected energy where a thought is a thing that influences other things.
A more eloquent way of stating this concept is to say that the universe is not a storehouse of static, separate objects as we once believed but a single organism of interconnected energy fields that is not fixed but is in a continuous state of becoming.
The reason for this reminder is to bring to light how important our thoughts are and to suggest that we can be healed through the healing energies of others as well as our innate healing abilities.
Following the law of quantum physics, healing does not have to happen in front of a healer but can actually occur at a great distance from the patient. What is important in the dynamic of healing is the power of the thought or vibration, not the proximity of the healer.
Over the past several months I have gathered a few meditating colleagues and we have been honing our power of intention to heal those in need. As a result of this collaboration, we have successfully co-healed dozens of clients and have been able to co-create a healing model that has worked. Our healing modality is called, A Thousand Petals.
For more information on this healing practice, please visit: http://www.alifewithflavor.com/DistanceHealing.html
Some of the healing requests we have received include: physical challenges, lethargy, depression, conflict resolution, job-related issues, scarcity, lack of prosperity, and personal relationship blockages.
Wishing you health, success, abundance and joy!
S. Kamala

Author's Bio: 

Stacy Kamala brings a well-rounded blend of experience and personal development skills to her healing practice. Bridging the spiritual world with the professional arena, Stacy draws from a rich and varied background to enhance her client’s personal, spiritual and professional life. http://www.integrationcoaching.com

After earning a B.A. in journalism at San Diego State University along with a minor in business administration, Stacy worked in a variety of business settings including marketing, promotions, corporate communications, sales, web site design, and public relations. In small, medium, and large companies, she has learned what it takes to succeed.

Stacy’s real-world experience is a counterpoint to a 25-year history as a student of Swami Satchidananda’s Integral Yoga located in Buckingham Virginia and certified Yoga Instructor of Svaroopa Yoga based in La Jolla, CA. From the postures of Hatha Yoga to breathe control, meditation and chanting, Stacy has developed a deep appreciation for the peace, centering and focus to be found in the world of spiritual studies.

By combining these various disciplines with specific training at the Coaches Training Institute – accredited by the International Coaching Federation, Stacy provides an integrated approach to her coaching and healing practice. Her vision is to guide her clients to a life of fulfillment and success by linking their spiritual, material and practical needs.

“In addition to being a wonderful communicator, Stacy is a gifted and powerful coach,” says Jim DeLaurentis, CFO, The Andrew Lauren, Inc.“ She has wonderful energy and commitment.”