If you're one the lucky ones you get to wake up in the morning and head into your day feeling on top of the world because you're doing exactly what you want to be doing in your life.

You own your own business, run your own show, and you love every minute of it. Or do you?

No matter what size business you own: big, small, new, established, take a quick look around and ask yourself if you truly LOVE every aspect of your business?

Do you love your website? Logo? Design? Do you love how you've set up your service and product offerings? Are you working with people you truly care about and enjoy being around?

Does this conversation feel frivolous to you? I mean, bottom line, isn't owning your own business all about freedom and money? Well, kind of. Certainly those things are important.

But here's the thing...by owning your own business you have the opportunity to share your heart and soul with others. If there are parts of your business you're not crazy about it means there are parts of your business where love isn't. And anyplace love isn't is the place you lose the opportunity to authentically connect with the outside world.

So take a look around and see what areas of your business need to be infused with a little love. It'll resonate.

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