Purification the key to optimum health and vitality…

If you have or do suffer from diarrhoea, constipation, IBS, stomach pain, diverticulitis, severe gas and bloating, weight gain, chronic fatigue, acid reflux, parasites, hair and skin problems as well as other common difficult ailments which seem to plague our world today.

Then perhaps a change in lifestyle may help you put an end to your suffering.

If you’re wondering why you are still suffering after many years of medical intervention and if you have still not found the answers to your personal health issues then why not empower yourself and being a purification program.

There have been many years of scientific research stating that symptoms of the maladies mentioned above have a root cause in how well we eliminate our body’s waste matter. You may need to take a look at how well your body maintains its pH levels as it has been scientifically proven that disease cannot survive if we maintain the correct pH levels in our bodies.

The Root Cause of Illness and Disease

So what is the root cause of most digestive ailments? Well take a look at the picture to your left this is what can be found in the colon of individuals who have had a life time of poor diet. How would you feel if long pieces of old toxin-filled faecal matter were stuck to the inside of your colon for months or even years? You would surely expect to feel constipated, bloated and lethargic if this sticky mess was trapped inside your body? You could imagine that your bowels would be irritated by this debris day in and day?

Toxic build-up like this can cause all manner of stomach pains, constipation, fatigue, gas and bloating not to mention the possible headaches and aches and pains. If you are walking around with this type of old waste matter in your system then you would expect to experience weight gain and have a large protruding belly? If you are walking about wondering why your belly protrudes and it can’t be from beer as you never touch the stuff then the likelihood is that you have a massively impacted colon and suffer from all manner of health complaints that could be alleviated if you decided to make some lifestyle changes and commit yourself to a purification program.

Death Begins In the Colon

The colon is often referred to as the body’s sewer system. It is the place where we store the waste material that most of us would rather not think about and most of us don't until our health becomes poor. You can stop suffering in silence from these painful and often embarrassing health conditions by learning how body pollution and a toxic colon can be the cause of all these ailments.

What You Must Know About Body Pollution

We are all exposed to thousands of toxins and chemicals on a daily basis at work, in the home, through the air we breathe, our food and water supply also through the use of pharmaceutical drugs. In addition, we are eating more sugar and processed foods than ever before in human history and regularly abuse our bodies with various stimulants and sedatives.

Eminent scientists have started to examine pollution levels in humans and their findings are deeply disturbing. Research clearly proves that our bodies are not capable of eliminating all the different cocktails of toxins and chemicals that we inhale and ingest every day. The toxins simply accumulate in our cells (especially fat cells), tissues, blood and organs (such as the colon, liver and brain) and remain stored for an indefinite length of time causing all kinds of health problems.

If you are experiencing one or more of the following, then it's time to purify your system;

Frequent fatigue and low energy
Flatulence, gas & bloating
Excess weight
Food allergies
Impaired digestion
Irritability, mood swings
Bad breath & foul-smelling stools
Parasites in stool
Frequent colds
Recurring headaches
Chronic constipation
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Protruding belly ("Dunlap")
Powerful food cravings
Skin problems, rashes, etc.
Metallic taste in mouth
Candida infection

So how do you properly purify your Body?

Now that we know why it is crucial to cleanse and detoxify our body regularly, we have to know how to do it properly, here's a quick overview:

You can achieve a clean colon by following several fasting methods but in my experience, the easiest, most effective and safest way is through the use a herbal program which cleansing and supports your body during the program.

We are very lucky on Phuket to have several excellent facilities which cater to individuals who wish to get their health back on track, centres who have commitment to helping people to take control of their lives and health and wish to open a path way to not only a happier life but to experience optimum health and vitality.

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