This is a phrase used in the bible of the original 12 step organization (known as the Big Book).
As I have traveled the road of life, I often found myself looking for an easier, softer way to get what I wanted.
In school, I dogged assignments and read other peoples notes. I have tried get rich quick schemes only to reinforce what I knew, if it looks too good to be true it likely is.
Conversely, in sports and in my day jobs, I enjoyed the benefits of hard work. In other areas, I certainly took short cuts or made my own rules.
While I openly admit that I am an addicted person who has recovered but is recovering on a daily basis, life and my chosen career point out on a regular basis that the easier, softer way is sought by many.
My experience tells me there are no short cuts, to recovery, or to success in most parts of life. In sports I learned that no pain, no gain. This is my experience in life.
We all need to set goals, and to set a path to achieve them. We all need to love ourselves, let go of our past, and quit trying to live our future. Golfers refer to one shot or one hole at a time; successful people live one day at a time. In common, the successful put in the work. Some can make it look easy, but in reality it is not.
We all need goals, we all need plans to achieve, we all need mentors, and I believe all need faith in the fact that in this world, there is something bigger than them. Most men who try to be an island fail.
I read a lot. My business life and my recovery to a better life put me in contact with a very large circle of diverse people.
I am shocked at how many think there is an easier softer way to success. To the best of my knowledge, there is not. My own boneheaded mistakes keep reminding me of that fact.
I am a strong advocate of 12 step programs. They are free, and provide great group therapy. Personally, in many areas like sports, career, relationships as well as recovery, I have engaged the help of outside professionals. In combination, and realizing my higher power is always there if I stay out of the way, I have been blessed with an abundant life more complete than I could have imagined.
But there was lots of pain to get the gain, and for me, the easier, softer way did not work.
Change, hope and serenity were achieved with guided hard work to bring out the talents within me.
I am on a journey. In ways, life is more difficult today than ever, and daily I am reminded I’m on a journey whose destination is unknown to me. I do know that god gives ability; it is up to me to do the work. I have not found an easier, softer way.
Need help? Reach out and ask and listen to the answers!!

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