The meaning of life is life itself, which for us human beings means to give birth to that which is alive within us. This we need to uncover since we have lost our awareness over that which is real and true within ourselves.

As we are all are unique human beings we come equipped with a wide array of human capacities, potentially and faculties, most of which have never been called forth since during our up-bringing we were required to live up to the standards and expectations set by others.

We once were all naturally connected to life as children. Once we all lived life with full awareness, filled with genuine love and happiness, both of which we were fully able to express. Filled with a great amount of natural wonder and curiosity about life we continuously moved in the direction of learning and growing according to those inward human tendencies of ours.

When we were old enough to enter the process of formalized education we had to loose this natural connection. Since growing was for most all of us a matter of living up to the standards and expectations set for us by others, our unique humanity and individuality underwent a process of radical transformation:

Our natural wonder and curiosity which we all possess as children, our desire to understand and to explore the world on our own terms gets lost in the process of formal education with its emphasize on obedience, conformity and living up to external expectations. Slowly over time we cease to be amazed about life, and external pressure replaces internal activity and interest. Eventually we become alienated from most all our innate human capacities of creativity, interest, love and happiness.

Since we are required to live up to and are measured against a great number of external rules and guidelines we begin to look for what we need or want in the world outside of ourselves. An overemphasize of external goals and rewards, on achievement, producing, consuming, competing and performing, all of which are essential elements of our marketing society instills within us the dangerous and misleading idea that life is not only about the pursuit of happiness and meaning, but also the accumulation of more and more things and possessions.

As a result of that many of us have attached themselves rather early in life to what gives their life a sense of security and meaning such as certain beliefs, values, viewpoints and opinions, a life style, prestige, social status, level of education, material possessions or outward appearance.

As we hold onto our unique perspective from which we see and judge the world around us we fail to see that which underlies our basic humanity.

As we have lost our natural connection to our innate powers of creativity, love and happiness it is therefore the meaning of life to restore this broken union.

Giving birth to what God is a symbol of, the highest values we can experience within ourselves such as unconditional love, peace, and happiness, all of which are virtues to be uncovered and expressed within ourselves, this is the goal, the meaning, the purpose of life.

I have come to realized that for us human beings, in order to bring about a society that is based upon so called oneness or interdependence, where people work and live together based upon mutual understanding, respect, acceptance and appreciation is possible only if we figure out what that is which is alive and true within, which is possible only if one uncovers what is fake, destructive and unreal, that which is fabricated as the result of social, economic, educational and cultural conditioning.

My name is Christoph Ebert, and I am a practicing philosopher. My website at can give you some more ideas about my unique and powerful philosophy which I am in the process of writing and speaking about.

Being originally from Germany I moved to America at the tender age of 24, only 2 month after I met an African American Lady from Alabama. She was stranded there after having been robbed. We actually only spent a few weeks together before she had to fly back to Kansas, where she lived for about 20 years, finishing up her masters in children’s theatre and communication.

She was such an outgoing, alive, fascinating, bubbly, interesting person with such a beautiful complexion that I instantly felt in love with her. Myself I was very shy and insecure at the time, somehow self centered and egotistical, somebody who did not like people and as a result did not have any friends really. Never having been intimately involved with another woman, and always having been fascinated with American culture this was a definite sign for me.

As far as I can remember I always have been a very emotional and sensitive person with a great reverence, respect and love for life, animals and nature, very much concerned with all the suffering and injustice of the world. Like many children I was full of wonder and curiosity. I had a million questions from what is God all about, to why there is war in the world, but I always had the sense that society was more focused on me doing what I was supposed to do than helping me to understand what this thing called life was all about, so the realities of ‘growing up turned my initial passion into frustration. I became very quickly bored over the monotone, non-stimulating and structured ways of formal education. While I was extremely eager to learn I felt that my curiosity was less important than me doing what I was required to do, so I turned into quite the rebel who had a deeply rooted problem to follow orders.

While I was always very alive on the inside, contemplating the big questions of life I was somewhat of a loner and disconnected from others. Not only did I became frustrated over the non stimulating and boring structure of formal education, I also become very aware of and sensitive to the cruelty children exhibited in school, picking on others and making fun of them for being different or not wearing the right clothes, or talking differently. All of this pained me a lot since I began to see that not only the realities of school and authority required me to be a certain way in order for me to fit a certain mold, but that also on a more personal level children exhibited a very interesting tendency to look at others not in terms of who they are, but rather in terms of how they want them or need them to be.

This awareness set the stage for my future studies. I went through various personality changes during my young age of 38, from being a terrible rebel in school who was not listening to anybody, to a work- and learn-aholic who was very arrogant, self absorbed, immature and egotistical, to leaving my home in Germany and embarking on an adventure to a new country, becoming part of a whole new culture, getting married and becoming a father which bought me in close contact with my personal shortcomings and limitations, to becoming homeless after becoming part of a freak accident at the worst (or most perfect) time and finding myself at the beginning of putting my life together from scratch. The circumstances which lead to each of those events are so unique and exceptional that I developed the sense that my life followed some kind of plan, a blueprint designed to teach me exactly those lessons which I needed to learn in order to get my questions answered. I came to understand what I felt all along, that whatever happens in life is meant to be, and that there are no accidents in life. While I realized that we have no control over what is happening to us I gained the awareness that we have the ultimate power to choose our response to and attitude towards that which is happening to us, and by doing this create our own reality. This is the basis for my teaching approach, and underlies my personal philosophy concerning personal growth and human development

Author's Bio: 

My name is Christoph, native of Germany. When I came to this country more than 14 years ago I never heard about self-development before. Once I began studying the subject I became fascinated by the notion of personal growth. The person who began to spark my interest was Stephen Covey. His book “The seven habits of highly effective people” greatly contributed to the development of my theories, but there was especially one sentence that truly marked the beginning of my studies: ”Between what happens to you, and your response to what happens to you lies your ultimate freedom to choose your response”. This short line has truly opened my eyes, and become a great inspiration that lead me to develop on the notion of personal choice.

I continued on studying several authors in the field, among them, Dr Wayne Dwyer, John Bradshaw, Leo Buscali, Victor Frankl, Anthony Robbins, Earl Nightingale, just to mention a few, but it wasn’t until I came across the name Erich Fromm (a German humanist and psychologist) that I found my true spiritual mentor. His writings (among them: “Escape from freedom”, “The art of loving”, “To be or to have”, and “The art of living”.) opened my eyes about the true meaning of (internal) freedom, love, and life in general. A lot of what I have learned is thru his work.

Over the past 10 years, I have read, scanned and listened to hundreds of books (on tape), articles and essays on subjects such as personal development, psychology, philosophy, interpersonal relationships and human development, and it is my personal desire and purpose sharing with other the great amount of knowledge and insight I have gained as the result of my personal studies.