The YOU Consulting Group (YCG), home of The Ultimate Life Tool, recently launched its in-service curriculum for education. The Ultimate Life Tool is one of the newest advanced human assessment instruments available today. In brief, the methodology behind the technology is based on The Knowledge of Y.O. U., which is an acronym for your own understanding. This insight is older than the language of man, grounded in science and founded in nature. Unlike the current staples available in the psychometric industry, psychotherapists, educators, life coaches and human resource professionals are finding this cutting edge instrument to be a full diagnostic, offering an objective comprehensive approach that is quick, easy and accurate. Last month, The Children’s School, a prestigious forward thinking award winning elementary school in La Jolla, California, scheduled an in-service program with YCG. The full day experience was filled with new objective ways to SEE the true nature of one’s behavior and how it influences others. In addition to revealing the dynamics of the self as it relates to physical law, many discoveries were made in how to SEE the authenticity of a child and the manner in which he or she learns. The participants became familiar with the importance of being able to differentiate between natural and learned behavior as it applied specifically to themselves, their peers and the children they teach.

Aside from the role that audio, visual and tactile play in creating lesson plans, the knowledge revealed that human beings are far more complex when it comes to how they learn and relate to their environment. Furthermore it demonstrated how each human being on the planet, at any age, is as unique as their thumbprint and how prescribing homogenized programs could exclude a vast majority of children in the classroom. Conversely, lesson plans are at the effect of the planner and are often created in a manner that makes sense to the person behind the pen. Teachers and administrative staff participating came to understand the struggles that some children were having based on the nature of how they learn and how they may or may not be challenged by the natural dynamics of the lesson being taught. Each child naturally absorbs information differently. When we are asked to learn something that is in conflict with our nature, it fatigues or frustrates us. This is often expressed as unacceptable behavior when in fact, it is merely a cry for a more user friendly alternative.

Initially, The Children School’s objective was to use the Ultimate Life Tool technology and information to develop team building strategies and create a healthy dialogue among faculty members. The YCG staff facilitating the program included myself, Zannah Hackett, Founder and leading authority in the Knowledge of Y.O.U. and the Ultimate Life Tool, Lisa Nelson, VP of YCG Program Development, Educator and Level IV Certified YOU practitioner and Niloo Tavangar-Sadr, VP of YCG Educational Development, an RCB certified educator and Level III Certified YCG Practitioner. Each highly skilled representative provided one on one and team assessments as well as follow-up with administration. The Head of the School, Molly Huffman, and Assistant Head, Julie Lee, wanted to be able to better understand the true nature of their faculty, in hopes to discover more efficient ways of supporting each teacher as they strive to be a positive influence on this lifetime’s most precious resource and tomorrow’s hope for mankind, our children.

Every YCG seminar provided is tailored to the environment and the objectives of the administrative staff requesting services. In this case, approximately forty staff members took the online survey and discovered their “God Given” or natural traits, what motivates them, the role that their level of refinement played in getting along with others, their magnetic potential and just how much energy they had to bring to the table today. Knowing these subtle natural truths about oneself, allows one to breathe easier, make better choices and more fully accept others. All too often we place expectations or recommend what works for us upon another. When in fact, each of us is uniquely different from one another. Let’s use the analogy of trees to describe differences. When we look at a cactus we know not to plant it the snow and when we look at a pine tree we know not to plant it in the desert. Yet, when we look at a human being we know little about their authentic nature and what it is going to take to help them fully thrive successfully. Instead, we recommend what worked for us or the majority of our friends, colleagues, students and clients. We should be able to see the true nature of our fellow man by looking at them. During primitive times man did not require words. He knew. And, he has forgotten what he knew. Our lifetime has produced so many distractions that we can’t even hear ourselves think. Being able to SEE again is what the Ultimate Life Tool is all about. How can we teach, nurture, heal and advise if we don’t know what we are looking at? The term “what” goes beyond nationality, gender, and age. Instead it looks at us as living things operating as vehicles for our spirit. It identifies WHAT kind of vehicle you are and leaves you with an operating manual. It is objective. It can identify how natural law shows up in you or another person. Imagine if every teacher or parent received an operating manual for their students and children and for themselves? This knowledge provides the guidance. It reveals the natural mathematics of man and delves deep into the role that intuition, interfacing with each unique individual’s design, plays and how we are at the effect of the toxicity of this lifetime. The many layers of this understanding are all briefly addressed in the seminars so that those participating can come to realize the importance of OBJECTIVELY understanding what lies in the obvious. Each participant leaves with a better understanding of Y.O.U. (your own understanding).

YCG welcomes opportunities to meet with educators that value creating healthy relationships in all aspects of life. To schedule an in-service for your faculty or administrative staff please contact YCG at 760.230.8016 or dial toll free 1.877.543.9753.

Accredited by the California State Board of Behavioral Sciences. CE units are available to eligible participants for course completion.

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Zannah Hackett Ph.D., Founder of YCG, LLC and innovator of THE ULTIMATE LIFE TOOL online technology and methodology, an advanced human assessment instrument for creating perfect relationships in business, education, home and life.