More and more the term Law of Attraction is gaining publicity and becoming known to mainstream America. The big question I'm always being asked is "Is it real and does it work?"

The answer is a definitive YES, if you understand the fundamental principles of the attraction process and how to accurately apply them to get the results you want.

The Law of Attraction Is Already Working for You

The first thing you need to understand is the Law of Attraction has been, currently is and always will be working for you. It's a complete part of your life just like breathing. The Law of Attraction is always in play, believe it or not, bringing into your life the things you focus your attention on with the greatest clarity.

In the most simple terms the Law of Attraction is defined as "Like Attracts Like," meaning "you get what you think about" whether your thoughts are conscious or unconscious, negative or positive. Although this statement is correct, I define the Law of Attraction as follows, giving you the basis to intentionally attract what you want into your life:

"Anyone who regularly concentrates with desire, belief and expectancy on a particular thing, condition or circumstance will manifest it into their life."

Making Your Thoughts Determine Your Experience
The most important aspect of intentionally using the Law of Attraction to get what you want is understanding that it takes more than just thinking to make it work; it takes desire, belief and expectancy. You must not only have the desire to focus on what you want, but you must have the desire to take action to achieve your objective.

Next, you must have belief. When intentionally manifesting, you must believe in yourself, believe in your right to have what you seek and believe that it is possible for you to obtain it, without question.

And third, you must trust in your belief while having a genuine expectation that you will obtain your desire, even when you are unsure how it will manifest. The "how" is not your concern; your goal is to expect without reason or justification that you will obtain what you desire.

When you combine focusing your attention on what you want with desire, belief and expectancy, you unleash the power of the law and begin to command it.

Experience the Law of Attraction Yourself
The Law of Attraction is real and it does work. And, to repeat myself, it's been an active part of your life since you arrived here. It's not rocket science, there's nothing mystical about it and anyone can use it to their greatest advantage. The challenge we face as humans is we make this "process" much harder than it is. So let's simplify it!

There are three steps to getting the law to work for you:

First, determine your desire. Identify what you want, be crystal clear about it and get it down on paper. You have to make sure your intention is positive and absolutely focused on your desire. And you have to be able to put your desire into words in a way that will make the Law of Attraction work to your greatest advantage.

Second, you must align with your desire. In order to become aligned with your desire, you must "feel" good about what you want. After you put your intention down on paper, read it out loud and see how it makes you feel. If you feel good, then you know you have clearly aligned with what you want. It you don't feel good, then you either do not believe it is possible for you to obtain or you weren't crystal clear defining what you want.

The third and final step is to permit your desire to manifest. At this point you must expect that you will receive that which you want. There can be no doubt of any kind, just expectation that you will receive your desire. When you think about your desire from this point on, always picture yourself "already" having it and enjoy how it makes you feel.

Be Humble and Grateful
As you learn and practice how to use the law correctly you will begin to bring into your life the things, conditions and circumstances you want.

When you start to use it, be patient with yourself and your progress. It may take a bit to get the hang of it, but I promise you once you understand how it works for you, your life will change for the better in the most amazing ways.

Second, be humble and grateful. Be grateful for all that you currently have as well as all you will (and do) receive. Respect the power of Law of Attraction and openly share it with others.

The Law of Attraction is for everyone, just like the air we breathe. Use it often, use it openly and most of all, use it wisely.

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Intuitive Life founder Ed McDonough is a professional Law of Attraction Coach, Mentor and Instructor dedicated to helping people become self-empowered towards living the ideal life of their choice. Through his Law of Attraction Experience workshops he teaches techniques which allow you to effectively create your future and attract the life you want. For more information visit: