FucoThin is a natural, whole food based supplement that is made with a proprietary concentration of Fucoxanthin and combined with pomegranate seed oil. FucoTHIN contains the first marine algae-derived ingredient (Fucoxanthin), that has been studied by leading scientists for many years and is the only formula that has human clinical research to confirm its thermogenic effect.

FucoThin by Garden of Life contains fucoxanthin levels 250-500% higher than wild seaweed, supports the metabolism or breakdown of fat in white adipose tissue (including belly fat), does not stimulate the central nervous system and will not cause jitters or lost sleep. FucoThin weight loss formula contains an all-natural food concentrate of Fucoxanthin from specially cultivated strains of brown marine vegetables grown in pristine and unpolluted waters off the coast of the Canary Islands.

FucoThin is a non-stimulant, thermogenic formula for fat metabolism. Most other fat-burning products work by creating a thermogenic effect in the body. This is almost always done by stimulating the central nervous system. While thermogenesis is good, creating this effect by boosting the central nervous system can be incredibly dangerous, even deadly.

The fucoxanthin in FucoThin is unique because it creates a thermogenic effect without stimulating the central nervous system. The mode of action of fucoxanthin is such that it bypasses the nervous system and shifts energy balance from producing ATP toward thermogenesis. Both FucoThin and fucoxanthin have no effect on the sympathetic nervous system and can be taken without concerns of cardiovascular exhaustion or blood pressure deregulation.

The FucoThin weight loss formula specifically works on the deeper fat within the abdominal region. Recent clinical trials have revealed that the fucoxanthin in Fuco Thin preferentially affects visceral adipose tissue. Visceral fat is the type of fat covering organs of the abdominal cavity and the liver. Excessive visceral adiposity is now considered to be one of the major health risk factors among our population. The breakdown of visceral fat rather than peripheral fat is most beneficial for overall health and longevity.

In two separate double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials, a total of 150 overweight female subjects were put on FucoThin, a Garden of Life product that contains the concentrated fucoxanthin developed by Dr. Ramazanov. Participants were put on an 1,800-calorie diet and monitored over 16 weeks. The results? In the first trial, the group that used FucoTHIN lost an average of 14.5 pounds. The placebo group lost an average of 3 pounds. Simply put, the FucoTHIN group lost 450 percent more weight than the group that did not use FucoTHIN!

In the second clinical trial, study participants who used Fuco THIN experienced an average metabolic rate of 18.2 percent higher than with diet alone, and without stimulating the central nervous system or negative side effects. In short, there was a 450 percent increase in weight loss, an 18.2 percent increase in metabolic rate—all without losing sleep, or getting the jitters.

See the article The Big Calm and the Science of the New Thermogenesis for more information.

The FucoThin formula can be used effectively as part of a healthy weight loss program. See the Perfect Weight America Weight Loss program for more information. According to recent fucoxanthin research studies, the saturation point where weight loss starts occurring is approximately 5 to 6 weeks. It is important to use it consistently during this saturation period, as directed, to start obtaining successful results.

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Update Jan. 2010: Since the publication of this article, Garden of Life recently released a new holistic weight loss formula called Diet 360. Diet 360 has the same amount of fucoxanthin as Fucothin, but provides a more comprehensive approach for weight loss. Diet 360 by Garden of Life gives you the benefit of multiple clinically studied ingredients designed to address the various barriers to weight loss including:

SlimPure: This decaffeinated green coffee extract is a natural thermogenic that supports blood sugar health to minimize fat storage and increase lean body mass.

Fucoxanthin: a carotenoid from brown seaweed, and an antioxidant with emerging science supporting its effect on metabolism.

Blueberry Leaf & Bayberry Bark Extracts: powerful antioxidants that promote efficient glucose metabolism and support already healthy blood sugar levels.

Ashwagandha Extract: an Ayurvedic herb studied to regulate cortisol levels in the body, providing numerous benefits from symptoms associated with stress.

More information on Diet 360 can be found in this article called "A New Weight Loss Revolution with Diet 360".

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