We cannot change what we do not acknowledge. How do we erradicate the little voice within us that causes us feelings of fear and frustration? As we encoiunter fearful experiences over a long period of time, we begin to develop a negative inner voice, which I call our Inner Critic. We all possess this inner voice that we have created and we allow it to live in our thoughts. Our Inner Critic develops when we are maturing in life, as a result of being subjected to negative and fearful experiences. As we continue to mature into adulthood, this voice starts to manufacture doubt in our mind whenever the opportunity presents itself to us.

It speaks to us in phrases such as, “You can’t do that…” “You are too old to start something like that…” “You do not have the skills to try that…” “What is everyone going to think if you decide to do that?” “Accept the life you have, it’s good enough...” “You do not deserve to be wealthy…” “What are people going to say when you fail?”

These are all statements that my Inner Critic bellowed to me throughout my life… that is, until I decided to take control of my thoughts and plan the life I want to live. The reality is we all construct this inner voice that lives within us. Throughout this book, you will learn practical strategies that will silence your Inner Critic. It doesn’t matter if you are 20, 30, 40 or 80 years of age. It’s never too late to unlearn your prior fearful experiences and create the life map that you desire. This is what being a Change Agent is all about. It is to grow, learn and improve our wellbeing. This article is about taking action against your fears and living the life you choose to live. We invest ample time in our home, our career and our relationships (which is a good thing), but we spend very little time in creating a safe haven for us to fulfill our life desires.

As I travel speaking and delivering workshops and semimars, I often make a conscious effort to talk with and observe people with the intent to identify if they have a plan for their life. I survey participants during my workshops/seminars I had lead. I have discovered that many of these people were experiencing fatigue, suffering from anxiety due to their work schedule and lacking a sense of direction. They are spinning their wheels in everyday mundane tasks and are not pleased with what their efforts are producing. Frustration and a sense of hopelessness emerge. I had asked some of these people if they possessed a personal plan for their future and their aspirations. I received responses similar to, “I really never thought of it” and “No, I haven’t got around to it.”

Research suggests that approximately 95% of people fail to set formal goals to serve as a guide for achievement. Creating a personal plan does not have to be set in stone, but rather, it serves as a directional guide illustrating how to achieve a person’s desire. This personl plan keeps us focused on our “Big Picture”. It acts as a road map and essentially fuels our action. If a person does not create a personal plan, the lack of action one takes serves as a catalyst for fear to expose itself. As a result, many people begin to live within their comfort zone. After years of surviving within this bubble, a person settles for “existing in life” rather than “thriving in life.” In order to reverse this cycle of fear, we need to identify the fears in our lives. The fear that controls our lack of action empowers our Inner Critic. Once we move past our fears, we are then able to move forward with a personal action plan designed to carry us to our higher calling! Here are 4 questions which will offer some clarity into the fears holding you back.

The 4 Whys

1. Why am I being held back from taking charge of my life (or in a specific area of my life)?

2. Why did I choose to be where I am right now?

3. Why can’t I pursue my desire/change?

4. Why am I not implementing an action plan?

Author's Bio: 

Justin A. Flunder is a leading global authority on thriving
as a Change Agent. Justin’s personal transformation from existing in a status quo world to thriving as a Change Agent innovator is demonstrated in his new book on Self-Leadership entitled The Change Agent Revolution - Empower Your Life By Design

Justin A. Flunder is the CEO of the Flundonian Group
(Flun-doan-ian), the Change Agent company that specializes in
areas of personal and professional transformation. Justin is a
transformational leader and a passionate "Change Agent" who
builds Change Agent Power Systems (CAPS) where he teaches
people how to connect with their inner potential creating
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