I read an interesting article about NineOneOne. The second plane that hit the Twin Towers was unusual in two respects. First, it was nearly empty. And second, most of the people on the plane changed their plans at the last minute to be on the plane.

As a metaphysician, I couldn't help but think: Why didn't their intuition warn them?

Well, their intuition probably did. But many people don't know how to interpret the language that intuition uses.

By the way, another name people have for intuition is hunch or Holy Guardian Angel.

There are several favorite ways that our intuition warns us. The first is by obstacles. Perhaps you would oversleep your alarm the morning of the flight or lose your email ticket. Maybe the cab wouldn't show up on time at the hotel or you got food poisoning the night before. Another thing that could happen is that you have a funny feeling when you look at the other passengers or something just doesn't feel right. You could trip on your way to the loading area or spill a cup of coffee on yourself.

These are all ways that intuition uses to warn you but you must listen.

How can you improve your intuition? You can improve your intuition by taking these things seriously. The rule of thumb is: Don't ever force an event, big or small. Stay tuned to the subtle energies of a situation and believe that you are being guided because you are.

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Nancy R. Fenn is a VisionCoach in the San Diego area. She helps intuitives, creatives and visionaries discover and commit to their mission in life. She can be reached at 619-669-0605 or via email at nancy@bemyguide.net Nancy has two websites of interest: www.bemyastrologer.com and www.bemyguide.net