For some reason, finding balance is a theme that has resonated deep within this week, and I’m not sure why.
The past 2 weeks have seen our local 12 step community bury 2 members. Both too young, both at the time of death back using their substance of choice. In listening to comments, both were all or nothing folks, but good folks. Obviously both lacking balance.
Balance also involves play!

Let's not forget to play. Our new way of life is a serious matter, but it is not intended as a punishment; nor do we need to repent and suffer for the rest of our lives. Our new way of life is intended to produce growth.

But growth takes work. And work needs play for balance. If we forget to play and be joyful, our life will become unbalanced and we will suffer needlessly.

Have I found some balance in my life?

I have had several requests for copies of the “balance checklist” that has been such a large part in helping me. If you send an email to my new address,, I’d be glad to send you a copy by return email.
It’s Friday, right now the sun is out. I have a couple of clients I will be working with over the phone this morning. My cold drags on, but I will take some time to “play” this afternoon. I am grateful that I can put on my short pants and go play with some of my “big” friends in a beautiful park.
Take some time to play today!

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Certified Addictiond Life Coach