You have lost your job and, now, you, as a person, feel lost! Losing a job is like a death whereas, one loses so much more than just an income. One loses security, co-workers who become like one's second family, meaning or purpose for one's life and a lifestyle for work has so much to do with everyday life. Those who are experiencing job loss grief are experiencing powerful emotions such as anger and depression with no way of knowing how to deal with them. When one experiences any loss, one question always goes through their minds and that is "why or why me?"

What does all this mean and what do I do now? One is scared and feels abandoned, rejected and betrayed and, the "why" must somehow be answered to be able to move forward. Yet, that question does not get answered overnight but overtime for, one's vocation is not one's destiny but, a part of it! So, what is the difference between a vocation and a destiny? A vocation is what you do to pay your bills and survive but, a destiny is why you are on the earth or why God created you. Thus, one has two purposes whereas, they have an earthly purpose and they have a spiritual purpose and both are connected. To fulfill one's earthly purpose, one must be able to do a task or tasks to fulfill their job assignment thus, one must have knowledge, skills and abilities.

When it comes to one's destiny, one must have a relationship with God, gifts and talents put in them when they were created. These are discovered when one learns what they are passionate about or discovers what they love to do. Thus one's destiny is one's dream vs. one's vocation is more to do with one's responsibilities.

So, here is the question--Can one's vocation become one's destiny and the answer is absolutely. All one needs to do is to discover their dream and find a way to make it into a business while doing one's vocation. Eventually, one's dream which is one's destiny will become a business and replace the vocation for the vocation has now become the destiny.

Let me give you an example. A person has a dream of being an actress but, to support their dream, they must have a vocation so, they may work in a restaurant and wait tables till they are able to be paid for acting. Another example is a college student who has a dream of being a doctor. He must have a vocation in order to survive until he becomes a doctor so, he might work in a nursing home as a Certified Nursing Assistant until he becomes a doctor. So, the dream motivates one to perservere through the vocation thus, one has found meaning within their vocation. But, what if you are laid off or unemployed? Then, what happens to the dream or destiny?

Nothing for, it still serves as the motivator to find your next job. So, how does one find meaning within Job Loss? One finds their destiny or dream and, does whatever they have to for it to come to pass. So, don't get desperate but, get busy finding out why God placed you here and, discover your gifts and talents which are hidden within your hobbies and interests. Then, put them to work and discover your destiny or dream and write it down. Then, make a plan to make it come to pass. Old businesses are passing away and, thus, new businesses must be created to replace them. New businesses will need new products and new people to sell them.

So, it's not time to be fearful but, instead, strong and very courageous. It's time to rebuild your faith, restore your confidence and renew your hope! It's time to dream!

Author's Bio: 

I am the founder of the Hope Network/Hope Empowerment Evangelistic Worship Center which is an online ministry. Our mission is to provide spiritual support, hope and healing to survivors of trauma and/or crisis. We fulfill our mission by rebuilding faith, restoring confidence and renewing hope in Jesus Christ after trauma and/or crisis. I created this ministry after my husband had a traumatic brain injury which resulted in us having to leave our careers and start over. I learned that two tools are needed to help one overcome traumatic loss which is faith and wisdom which my ministry offers. We are presently doing support groups for those experiencing job loss grief and, we offer our resources to you, the unemployed, at this time of great trail.