This is a powerful time for you to set your intentions for your year, especially in the areas of career and money.

For many of us, last year may have felt “subprime” (the Word of the Year for 2007).

But, to quote my 16-year-old friend, Andrew Jordan, who passed away last October, “It’s All Good.” To learn more about Andrew's amazing life, please visit

It really is all good. The challenge is in knowing how to find the “goodness”

In spite of the chaos that we sometimes feel, we really live in a balanced, ordered Universe. The Chinese Daoists explain it with the concept of Yin and Yang. In the West we sometimes refer to it as masculine and feminine.

Western thinking about the concept of balance is pretty clear. If you were to draw a Western version of the Yin/Yang symbol it might look like a circle, sliced precisely in half, one half white, one half black.

Notice how in the Eastern version, there is no clear line and there is Yin within the Yang and Yang within the Yin. Balance in the East is really neither one or the other. All is contained within the whole.

Balance is more about cycles and flow not an equal measurement of two polar opposites. The seeds of spring still exist deep in the ground resting during the darkness of winter, yang waiting within yin for its turn. The heat of summer can quickly be cooled by a rainstorm, yin impacting yang.

Prosperity teachers will tell you that you have to create space in order to bring in something new. You won’t attract more things into your life if you don’t know where to put them. You won’t attract more money than you can handle if you don’t have a money management plan. (To learn more about money management, please visit

In Prosperity Boot Camp, sometimes my fastest, most successful students often experience cataclysmic “openings” in their lives. Friends vibrate away. They suddenly get laid off from jobs they hated. Change happens quickly in response to their plans and clarified desires.

Change can feel uncomfortable for sure. But the greatest amount of growth in life occurs when we are just a little beyond our comfort zone.

My favorite plant, the bouganvilla, grows more beautiful and hardy when you let it dry out a bit. Many varieties of wine grapes get bigger and sweeter when you let the plant “suffer”. Many plants grow better with a little deprivation because it causes the roots to grow deeper in search of nutrients.

For people, challenges and going beyond what is know to us, forces us to deepen our roots and to draw deeper from our Source.

Now, I am not a big proponent of suffering and deprivation. In fact, if you are my student or coaching client, I will know I diligently work with you to help you avoid suffering. But I will kick your butt and make you stretch beyond what is comfortable.

You have to get out of being stuck if you want to grow. If you are not changing and not doing something new, you are not growing. And if you are not growing, you are not living. You are dying.

There is a balance between growth and rest, birth and death, comfort and discomfort. Each contained within the other. Not 50% of one and 50% of the other. It’s a cycle and one without the other is either burn-out or stagnation.

Neither of which is productive.

We run into trouble when we start to judge our experiences or Points Of Evolution, as I like to call them. I hesitate to consider these powerful turning points as “suffering”. To me, suffering connotes martyrdom and pain. Suffering is “bad”.

It only feels painful and negative when you judge it or even quantify it. Discomfort is not bad, nor is it really good. It is simply a symptom of your growth and evolution. You are learning something new.

The new you, the bigger, imagined you is creating discomfort to bring to your awareness that you aren’t stretching yourself to meet your own bigger ideas about who you are, what you could be doing or having. The discomfort is really your Higher Self telling you to “catch up” with your dreams.

It only becomes problematic when you evaluate it and determine that discomfort feels “bad”. When it feels “bad” you either try to avoid it, or you dive deep into it and embrace it as a lifestlye without rest.

Yes, it’s true. Some of us are addicted to suffering. It is the only perception we know.

Everything, even the worst situations you have faced in your life, have a balance in them. Every pain you have experienced has a blessing or a gift in it. And when you can find the gift and the blessing, then you can move into gratitude and true forgiveness. You have to find the balance of the entire experiential equation.

When you discover the balance, the outer circumstances will no longer keep you trapped in pain and the illusion of suffering.

You will set yourself free from being a victim of something you maybe didn’t even feel that you had control over.

Try this. Think of a terrible thing that has happened to you or a challenging situation in your life right now. Now make a list of all the terrible things related to this experience.

Last year I had some moments of feel frustrated with the rate of growth of my business.
Here is an example of my list of Pain:

I’m not well-known enough.
I haven’t written or published enough.
I haven’t gotten noticed by a mentor or benefactor.
I haven’t had the money to market myself.
I haven’t had the time I need to build my business.
I don’t have enough clients.
I don’t have the money to create products and professional looking materials.
I’ve had kids and they keep me really busy.
I haven’t had clarity to grow my business.
I didn’t think my message would sell.

For each one of those reasons I have felt stuck in my business, there has been a pay-off or secondary gain.

Recognizing the pay-off for the pay helps you move into gratitude for the situation. Each pay-off is in direct response to each pain listed

Here is my Pay-off list:

I don’t owe anyone anything. I have high self-esteem and I am self-reliant.
I have been deeply motivated to learn more about marketing and self-promotion.
I have learned about my self-worth and value.
I have had to work up from the bottom and it makes me a good role-model.
I am always inspired to learn about publishing and writing.
My challenges have taught me to create low-cost websites and digital products.
I have learned how to manage work, time, self-care and family.
My kids have become inspired to help me.
I have learned from my kids.
My challenges have made me get clarity and to experiment.
I have moved way beyond my comfort zone and grown.
I have matured and grown my message.

When I moved out of fear, frustration and overwhelm about my business, then I could see where my struggles had helped me grow, both personally and professionally. When I completed this list, I felt so grateful for my challenges and I could see the balanced plan of growth that was available to me.

There was no pain without a pay-off. My experience was not “bad”. It was balanced.

You can do this process on any situation or person in your life. It is a crucial process if you desire to make change.
Remember the Law of Focuses Success: Where you put your energy and attention is where you get results.

If you are focusing on a situation that is painful, frustrating or keeping you in a place where you feel stuck and you are deeply focused on these feelings, what are you creating more of?

Your focus will determine what you create. Moving out of the pain and into the gratitude gives you the momentum to create what you want from the situation.

As I have said before, you can’t change a situation you hate.

When you focus on the gratitude and the growth that is occurring in your life, you create more things to be grateful for and more growth.

And it won’t feel “bad”.

After you have written your pain and pay-off list, write yourself, or the person who is challenging you, a thank you note for helping you create a situation that helped you grow.

Take a deep breath when you are done and just enjoy the feeling of release. You have found the purpose behind the pain and now you are free to create and grow.

The more you do this process on every challenging aspect of your life, the more you set yourself free from old stories and past traumas that may be keeping you from really living and growing.

Have Fun!

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As a bankrupt, single mother of four children, Karen built a home-based, six-figure, prosperity coaching practice from the ground up.
Karen shares her experience of creating wealth and raising children in her book, “The Prosperity Revolution”.

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