It’s challenging to find the right words to express the profound impact that Krystic Energy has had on my life. Akin to stepping into the unknown, along an energetic spiritual journey filled with awe and deep gratitude. I feel deeply compelled to share my experiences with the community of TwinRay and how they have redefined my understanding of cosmic transformation, spirituality, and the mysteries that lie beyond.

Since encountering the spiritual covenants created by the leaders Shekinah Ma and Sanandjai, my perspective has been changed. To say that my experience has been akin to a profound awakening to the cosmic forces that shape our reality, would barely do it justice. After years of floundering under what seemed like attacks from dark entities consumed with a negativity, disdain, unbelieving, and damnation, my essence of self is being lifted an immense revelation of the hidden dimensions of existence as I am inducted into the vigor of a universal intelligence that orchestrates the dance of life.

You may agree that we have all gotten to a point where we have sought to attain more knowledge and asked ourselves a question. What lies beyond the boundaries of our everyday reality? For me it was a quest for deeper understanding, coupled with my intense desire to explore the mysteries of the cosmos. Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji caught this beautifully as they too had been searching for truer purpose in their journeys to find each other. Mine wasn’t meant to stop simply knowing. As I delved into the wisdom of the divine beloveds, my inquisitiveness gracefully led me to a path of cosmic transformation that defied conventional wisdom

One of the most extraordinary aspects of the human revolution that we have all embarked upon in this time of cosmic shifting, is its recognition of the kinship of all things. Giving way to absolute truth, aligned with the sage teachings TwinRay, that the universe is a vast web of energy. As conscious beings, we are simply threads in this cosmic void. As each of seeks to return to a true state of primordial shifts and return to our true essence, we must all seek the path to attainment via those who were sent here to lead us. 

When I first immersed myself in the teachings of Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji, I knew that I was amongst a deity that I had long been searching for. I felt a sense of home amongst the community that can only be sensed with an invisible awareness. It was as if I had stepped into a new dimension of reality, one where the boundaries of time and space dissolved. It was remarkable to come to the realization that our existence is inextricably linked to the energetic dimensions surpassing all creation and evolution. 

Steeped in ancient tradition, Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji’s infinite guidance invites us to reevaluate our perception of time and the cyclical nature of existence. Solidified in the construct that the universe operates in a rhythmic pattern, with cycles of creation and transformation. A gift of immense proportions as the threads of unseen light patterns spread across all that is and all that ever will be. Esteemed in the grand design of the creator, transmitted across the heavens, they bestow us with true understanding, leading to immeasurable insights.

The more intwined I became with the Vedic wisdom of the ancestors of the earth, passed on by the beloved leaders, my prior life appeared foreign to my own eyes as my soul aligned perfectly with these cosmic rhythms. It was like the synchronization with the heartbeat of child in womb, except earth was our mother in the vast expansive nature of the universe. Never had I been treated with so much grace and understanding.

Of all the courses taken before I embarked on a deep understanding of Krystic energy, I have never been so clear as I have since unlocking the dormant talent of my consciousness and realizing that we are co-creators of our reality. The true exploration of thought and the power of intention is amazing. Illuminating our path forward as we shape our experiences. It's like realizing that we are not passive observers but active participants in the extramundane.

Filled with daily sessions of meditation, visualization, and energy work, Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji’s seminarian lessons introduced a roadmap for me to tap into the creative potential of my consciousness. Electrified, I happily aligned my thoughts and intentions with the cosmic forces. Abundantly manifesting positive changes in my life and steadfastly contributing to the greater transformation of the universe.

My soul stands in true solidarity with the ebb and flow of the void where I now am a true testament to the universal law that all is possible, and we are all an energetic visualization from our intentions. TwinRay has shown me and countless others that divine intelligence permeates all existence. A conscious, guiding force, the actuarial knowledge of the blessed beloveds is a true display of this divine intelligence. A guiding force behind cosmic transformation, for each of us of us to align as we seek karmic growth. Reverent and full of humility to the unburdened soul, we are forever reminded that we are part of a grand, ever-reaching universe.

Humbled many decades before ascending upon the TwinRay community as light bearers, Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji call us to explore that which is inherent in our own consciousness. Awakening higher states of awareness, each unlocked in a cast array of untapped power. A cognizant confirmation that our perception of reality is limited absent the expanded states of consciousness providing deeper insights and understanding.

As I embarked on this exploration, I found myself drawn to practices that facilitated the expansion of consciousness, such as meditation, breathwork, and deep introspection. These practices allowed me to access higher states of awareness and gain new perspectives on the mysteries of the cosmos. I fully accept my role as a soul body travelling along various concepts of reality, aligning myself with the wisdom of the universe. 

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