What can you do when the stuff that makes life crazy happens? As hard as it is not to get stressed out by unexpected events that demand your attention, getting stressed out only hurts one person: you.

In the midst of chaos how can you regain your composure and feel in control once again? How can you find your center? These tips will help.

1. Breathe.
Have you ever noticed the more stressed out you feel the more shallow you breathe? When the unexpected happens take a moment or two and ground yourself by focusing on your breath.

Breathe deeply into your abdomen and let the air you breathe in fill every cell with fresh air. Breathe in calming energy. Breathe out stress. It works wonders! After a few calming breaths you'll be able to handle what's before you in a much more relaxed way.

2. Accept what is.
Stress is a result of resisting what's before you. You may not like what's happening but the more you resist it the more anxious, stressed out and angry you'll get. Resistance is a way of denying reality.

Accepting "what is" doesn't mean you have to like what's happening. It doesn't mean you have to pretend everything is O.K. It means you see your situation for what it is and choose not to get tied up in knots over it. Doing so will keep you centered.

3. Give your full attention to what's before you. Have you ever noticed chaotic situations stay chaotic longer the more you ignore them but as soon as you turn your attention toward the chaos and look for ways to diffuse it suddenly starts feeling better and you feel more in control?

Chaos expands when unattended to. Chaos calms with attention. The more relaxed you feel in the midst of chaos the sooner you'll be able to diffuse it.

4. Let go of the need to control.
When stuff happens what's the only thing you really have control over? How you react to it! I know, I know...this can be hard, especially for us "in control" types. The reality is we only have control over our own actions and reactions. Nothing else. I know...the reality of that may take awhile to sink in. Keep thinking about it!

5. Keep your focus on the big picture.
When chaos happens it's easy to forget about the bigger picture but focusing on your bigger picture (your intentions, what you wish to create in your life) will keep you centered and focused on what's most important to you in spite of what's going on around you. Focusing on what you want rather than what you don't want will keep you moving in the right direction.

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