I admit that a gourmet chef I am not, but I do enjoy the satisfaction of a home-cooked meal when accomplished without mistakes. Recently I decided to tackle the task of the creation of banana- nut bread, something that my loved ones enjoy in both aroma and taste. Although I had created the delicious dessert many times in my adult life, this particular gourmet moment was about to become a messy experience.

As the oven was pre-heating to what I thought was the correct temperature, I begin adding the appropriate ingredients into the mixing bowl. Sure I had a recipe, but figured since I had made the bread several times in my past adult life, the viewing of instructions was not necessary. Mistake number one.

I placed the mixture into the baking pan and into the now heated oven. I could already vision an evening of a nice cup of hot coffee and a warm slice of the bread while I relaxed watching an old movie. The aroma was beginning to drape the room, and the sense of hunger became more apparent within. I checked the timer on the oven and it relayed that I had just a few more minutes to wait, but since I was really hungry I figured removing the tasty bread a couple of minutes early would not be a factor. Mistake number two.

As I removed the bread from the oven, I immediately noticed this particular bread looked a bit peculiar from my past baked masterpieces. I placed the bread on a hotplate and let out a verbal groan. The bread’s crust was the color of burnt wood, and the inner portion oozed in liquid form. What did I do wrong? I had made banana nut bread many times. Looking at the image that was soon to become a morsel for the garbage disposal, the reason hit me. I had not read the instructions and had added an over abundance of milk. Added to the outcome was that I had not only been in a hurry to remove the bread, but had also set the temperature of the oven lower than required.
I had a learned a valuable lesson about baking, it is best to be patient and to follow the recipe.

I begin to think how life is similar to this baking experience. Each day we are given an opportunity of anticipation of what experiences will be a part of a day that may include the ingredients of happiness, accomplishments, love, sadness, and surprises. At times, we may ignore looking at our recipe for following a life purpose; as we awaken each day believing it will be a typical day. Instead of adding the ingredients of faith, hope, and happiness in the beginning of our day an over- abundance of grief, anger, and negativity mixes into the bowl. Throughout the day, the want for more in life creates impatience, and the impatience to hurry the day’s events brings a conclusion of missing on the true beauty of life’s delicious gifts.

Following the valuable life recipe for happiness is simple to create. Begin each day with a thank you for life given. Immediately add the ingredient of a smile. Create a positive belief attitude within while preparing for the day, and understand the mistakes and trials that may appear are valuable lessons to build continued faith and knowledge. Place in your mixing bowl more patience and understanding then the day before, and with passion love the life given. By following the recipe, the sweet aroma will drape the life within and around you.

That same evening I followed the recipe and succeeded with delicious baked bread. For you see, another part of the recipe is to

Never give up.

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Renowned Author/Inspirational Speaker/ Paranormal and Life Consultant Rick Hayes is the founder of LifesGift, an association that supports his psychic medium abilities. Rick consults on a daily basis with those that have questions regarding life after death and one's daily path on earth.

As a published author, Rick writes a column for the LifesGift website (Rick's LifesNotes) where he shares his thoughts of life and life-everlasting. His articles also appear on numerous websites and publications.

Rick's published books include "You're Not Crazy, You Have A Ghost" and "Stepping Stones-Thoughts Along Life's Path".

As a speaker and lecturer, Rick shares his thoughts on life and life-everlasting with a friendly and comfortable demeanor. Rick is a media favorite appearing on television, radio, and live events and also is the host of 'Conversations' Talk Radio which broadcasts live worldwide via online media streaming.

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