The basic question: Do you want freedom from the pain of Fibromyalegia?

What is Fibromyalegia? About 70% of the population is affected by this condition. Some people have mild pain yet others have chronic pain that never lets up. We choose to describe Fibromyalegia as a malfunction in our body not a disease or illness. It is not an incurable medical condition as most medical doctors and therapy practitioners will tell you. The question is: Do have to or want to live with the pain? ABSOLUTELY NOT. A totally false belief. It can be totally cleared and healed in a very short time. Two four sessions may be required. We are developing a home study course where you can work on releasing the pain yourself.

The question is: Do you want to hang on to the medical diagnosis and complain and blame or are you willing accept a new concept which alternative medicine and Energy Medicine has to offer? Freedom from pain of Fibromyalegia forever not just band aid symptomatic relief with drugs or therapy processes that work for a while, where you have to keep treating the malfunction to keep the pain in control. If you want to clear the pain totally for the balance of your life read on. We can clear it totally forever.

What is Fibromyalegia? It is a condition that starts building in the body during childhood from feeling rejected, not recognized or accepted. As a baby and as a child growing up we want love, attention, acceptance, validation, acknowledgment and recognition. When we are born we know what love is and we expect to get love and acceptance from our mother. The problem is, the concept of Love was programmed out her as a child by the time she was four years so she can not give what she does not have. I have discovered over the years I have met only six people who know what the qualities of unconditional love are. I have heard many people claim they know what is. But on checking with their Subconscious Mind data base the file is not installed. It has been erased by the time they were four years old.

Most parents do not know what love is so the child keeps pushing mother for love, acceptance and attention. The Child's interpretation is that mother is withholding love from them. During the first year babies do what a child will do if they do not get attention when they want it. They act out to get attention. This frustrates and irritates parents. During the terrible two's as they are described, the child begins to get upset because they are not receiving love and attention in the manner they demand. So anger and fear begins to build which becomes locked into the Cellular memory causing the acupuncture meridians to seize up and tighten the muscles. This builds up during our life as we grow up. It keeps building when we are adults because we are going through the same feeling patterns we had as a child. Based on 30 years of practice we have found that this pain is a buildup from years of feeling rejected, not accepted or recognized.

The pain is caused by nerves in the muscles which are being pinched up by the tightening of the meridians inside the muscles. The acupuncture points hold the information in the cellular memory which causes the muscles to seize up causing the pain. It can very minor up to getting so tight your back will feel like a turtle shell. The tighter it gets the more pain is created. It does not recede or go away. There are methods such as some forms oriental therapies, Rolfing and Massage which will provide temporary relief but will not clear the pain completely. Unless we clear the programs in our mind which are causing it to manifest it will return each time within days to weeks and may become more serious each time it comes back.

There are methods in alternative medicine which provide total relief from pain. They are noninvasive and drug free. Energy medicine and Energy Psychology offer a process to clear and heal Fibromyalegia in less than a two hour session. One or two follow up sessions will clear it totally forever. There is a method to work on it yourself with no direct contact with a therapist. It will take longer and may not clear it completely. Through the use of CD's with affirmations we have a home study course which you listen to and by repeating the affirmations over a period of time this will provide relief.

The allopathic medical theory and concept does not offer any relief or method to clear the debilitating Pain. All they can offer is pain medication with all the side effects of drugs. Do you want complete and total relief? It is available. You have to be willing to change your beliefs about what the causes of Fibromyalegia are. Plus, you have to be willing to step out of your current manner of treating the malfunction.

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After working with clients for over 30 years Dr. Art Martin came to his conclusions from the results he was achieving with people who were struggling with chronic shoulder and back pain. What he is looking for is the root causes and core issues that created the pain and locked in the body. His methods are not conventional, yet they work to release pain in a very short time. People have reported they have never had the pain come back over five to twenty year periods. These are documented facts with testimonials in our books. Learn more at Dr. Martin's website,