Often there is a large gray area between what we say we want and what we really want! If you're not moving toward what you want to accomplish in your life, it's time to identify if what you say you want is REALLY what you want!
When you plan your vacation you are able to answer most all of these questions:

1. When will you leave?
2. When will you arrive?
3. What roads do you take?
4. Do you have a map for each state you’re traveling through?
5. How much will it cost?
6. Where will you stay?
7. What sites will you see along the way?
8. What sites will you see when you arrive?
9. How will you feel while you’re there?

10. After this vacation, where will you travel next?
For some reason we are typically much more prepared for our vacation than we are for where we are going in life! Why is that? Isn’t our life vastly more important than our vacation? Of course it is! If we were to plan our vacation the same way we travel through life this is what it might look like:

I know I want to travel from South East Michigan to Florida, I know Florida is south so I head south on any road. Eventually, I get to the Michigan state line, it is here that I realize I haven’t got a map. I notice the State Line Convenience Store and Gas Station and am able to purchase a map of the state of Ohio. Woohoo! The map says I still travel south and look! There’s a highway called I-75 that goes all the way through the state! I’ll make my way to I-75, that will make the journey south easier! An hour down the road I realize my gas tank is on empty. Gee, if only I’d noticed that at the State Line Convenience Store and Gas Station. After gassing up and getting onto I-75 South, I’m well on my way! I can feel the anticipation of being in Florida building! Soon I’m at the Ohio / Kentucky state line. I pull over to review my map and realize the map I have doesn’t include the state of Kentucky. Now I need to find a new map. I pull off at the next exit and see a bill board for a local art exhibit featuring artists from the state of Florida. Wow! What are the odds? I’m heading to Florida and here in the state of Kentucky is an art exhibit featuring Florida artists! I have to go! So I travel for miles following the road signs, still feeling excitement about Florida so I must be doing the right thing… right?

How long is this trip to Florida going to take me at this rate because I didn’t plan in advance, I didn’t have the necessary maps, I allowed myself to be easily distracted by something that reminded me of Florida yet it didn’t move me any closer to my destination. This scenario sounds ridiculous yet many of us use this ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ mentality in our lives every day!

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Jane Saylor is the author of “The Road You’ve Traveled, How to Journal Your Life.” You may contact Jane at http://www.ThePowerofSelfHelp.com to learn about her book or "The Way" coaching program. Email contact: LifeCoachJane@comcast.net