HOLIDAY SEASON GRATITUDE: During the Holiday Season, when there is so much attention on material things, I wanted to tell you what happened at my Coaching Gathering last week. We talked about receiving gifts of a very different nature.

I asked everyone to close their eyes and think about all the gifts that they had received during this past year - but my request had a special twist. I wanted us to re-frame even difficult experiences by looking for the silver lining in each challenging situation.

The result was quite amazing! Those who had experienced perhaps the toughest year of their lives, were able to see just how much they had learned and grown this year. Disrupted households, injuries, loss of so-called friends, changes in jobs, loss of relationships - all were re-framed as gifts.

One person revealed that until that very moment she had not been able to view the stresses she’d been facing as gifts. What a blessing to feel the relief of knowing that all is just as it should be. Everything really is in DIVINE ORDER!

Remember my last Blog about creating Happiness? 90% comes from our attitude. So when we re-frame our challenges as gifts and opportunities to learn and grow, we automatically start feeling better, and more empowered.

So close your eyes for a moment, and think back about the past year of your life. Notice the gifts that you've received, including those that might have come in a shocking package - the ones that knocked you off your feet emotionally, physically and even financially. I know that if you allow yourself to be open to the idea, you'll begin to see the gifts that you were given. As you learn and grow from the difficult experiences, YOUR SPIRIT WILL SHINE, and you'll start accepting the healing that comes with the process.

Next, think about what you would like to welcome into your life in 2008; and Create Statements of Fact. TIP: Use language that is in the present tense. Here are some cool examples:

I am in love.
I am financially secure.
I am strong and healthy.
I am resourceful.
I have wonderful friends.
I enjoy my career.
I am spiritually centered.
My life is in balance.

I like to spread my arms out wide when I say these kinds of statements. It helps me feel like I am WELCOMING what I want into my life.

So enjoy the exercises, and practice them on a regular basis to create a different experience of life in 2008 and beyond.

Chris : )
Christine-Anne Platel
Life and Relationship Coach

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Coaching since 1997, I guide my clients to LIVE in TRUTH, and ACT in INTEGRITY. I teach them how to let go of stressful patterns that no longer serve them; and I coach them on how to be FULLY PRESENT and SUCCESSFUL in their Personal and Professional lives. I work with clients Worldwide by phone and SKYPE, so geography is no barrier to your coaching with me. Please visit my website then contact me for your FREE Sample Coaching Session.