We’ve all heard the saying “living the good life”. Why would we want to live the good life when we can create the great life? I recently read the book Good to Great, Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t by Jim Collins. One of the powerful concepts that he discusses is Level 5 Leadership. We are constantly inundated with images of power leaders and celebrities whom society views as living the great life and having everything that they want in life. Is this true? Are they really living the great life or is it an illusion created by the media? I think much of it is illusion however; there are many people who are living the great life and are Level 5 Leaders. These life leaders are not generally the subject of media headlines. These are the true leaders.
What can we do to create the great life, leading our lives and our businesses to success?
We can be the Level 5 Leaders of our own lives, creating the great life and success that we desire. Level 5 Leaders, who are the leaders of their company’s transition from good to great, have some distinctive qualities, one of which is that they are not celebrity leaders with big egos.

Level 5 Leaders embody a mix of personal humility and professional will. They do not flaunt their success; they are humble, sharing their learning with others. When we look at this from both a professional and personal standpoint, in order to transition your life from good to great, you need to embody these characteristics. When we are humble in our lives, we are able to honor that we are co-creators of our lives. No matter what we achieve in life, we never do it alone. We co-create with God and the Universe, with our friends, with our family, our team and with a number of supporting people in our lives. We are actually leading our personal team that assists us in creating a great life.

Level 5 Leaders always come from a place of personal will. Personal will is an inner power to lead our own lives rather than controlling others so that we can get what we want. As we operate from a place of personal will we act congruently with our personal and professional values.

Level 5 Leaders are resolved to do whatever it takes to make the company great, no matter how big or hard the decisions. When we desire to create a great life we need to look at what is mediocre in our lives and businesses and make decisions to change those aspects. Sometimes this involves big, hard and unpopular decisions.

Level 5 leaders set their successors up for success. As we create a great life, we empower others to do the same and serve as role models for our children, grandchildren, family and friends as well as for our team.

“Level 5 leaders look out the window to attribute their success to factors other than themselves.” When things go poorly, they are willing to look in the mirror and take full responsibility for their creation. This is the understanding that you are a co-creator of your life. You do not create it all by yourself. The Universe, however, responds in the co-creative process based on the vibration or energy that we put out and the thoughts that we think. Therefore, when things don’t work out the way we want, we need to look at ourselves, our thoughts and our beliefs and respond accordingly, changing them based on our current results. We cannot change what is outside of ourselves; we can only change our response to it. (Watch the movie “The Secret”).

I invite you to examine these characteristics and build them into your own life and successful business. A great life is waiting for you as long as you are willing to do what it takes to create it.

Good is the enemy of great. Few people attain great lives, in large part because it is just so easy to settle for a good life. –Jim Collins, author of Good to Great

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