The holidays are right around the corner. With presents to buy, gifts to wrap, parties to attend, dinners to make, family to visit, it’s no wonder that the holidays bring on the flu and cold season. Our bodies are worn out, our minds are mentally exhausted, and with the added stress of the endless “Holiday to do list” our energy is just zapped. It’s a known fact that over 60% of all doctors visits are stress related. During the holidays it’s even worse. You’re at the mall fighting the crowds, arriving early for the door buster prizes and by mid day you simply “drop”.

What if you found a way to decrease stress, increase your energy levels, and figure out how to shop… and not drop? More energy for you, your family and your shopping list—all without the aid of coffee, “so-called” energy bars and energy drinks.

Here are a few tips to help you stay energized and avoid those Energy Vampires that drain during the holiday season:

1. Give the Gift of Energy
If you don’t have the energy you can’t share it. Energy is the best gift you can give yourself and your family this year.

2. Ho, Ho, Ho like Santa
Remember to Breathe to reduce stress. When you are running around during the holidays you often forget to breathe. When we get stressed we take shorter breathes which means less oxygen and energy for our brain and body. By focusing on your breathing you will maximize your energy and keep stress from zapping you.

3. Eat Breakfast to Avoid Holiday Party Binging.
Studies show that when you eat breakfast you are less likely to binge on high calorie and high fat foods at night.

4. Graze like a Reindeer
· The key is to graze and eat smaller meals so you don’t eat the entire appetizer table at your next holiday party. Eat smaller more frequent meals during the day to maintain your blood sugar level and optimize your energy level during the day. Too often we eat large meals during the holiday season. This zaps our energy and causes the dreaded after lunch or dinner food coma.
· Also eat soup before a party since studies show you will eat less at dinner if you start your meal with soup.
· While shopping carry around a bag of almonds and raisins so you will have a nutritious and energizing snack to keep you going as you shop, shop, shop.

5. Be Thankful for the Gifts in your Life
We know it’s physiologically impossible to be stressed and thankful at the same time. The way our brains are wired make this impossible. So whenever you find yourself stressed or anxious during the holiday season, use the power of thank you. Start identifying all the things you are thankful for. Be thankful that you have people to shop for. Be thankful that you have a job. Be thankful that you can run around during the holiday season while many are immobile. Make a list of the things you are thankful for and when you feel stressed start saying your thank you’s.

6. Play like an Elf.
Remember to have fun this holiday season. Remember what it felt like to be a child during the holidays and let this memory inspire you to smile, laugh and play this year. Why do children and elves always have so much fun? Because they smile, have fun and play games. Buy a red Rudolf nose and whenever you find yourself being a scrooge put the nose on and make people laugh.

7. Remember that Santa knows who is Naughty and Nice
It’s called the season of giving for a reason. If you get into a fight with another person over the last “it” toy this year because little Johnny has to have it or you argue with someone over the last parking space then you have forgotten the purpose of the holiday season. Don’t be an Energy Vampire. Instead, stay calm and remember to share positive energy this holiday season. Give the gift of positive energy to yourself and to others. While you may not walk out of the mall with the most presents you sure will be a lot happier.

8. Become a Walking Tourist
Even in your home town make time to walk a lot during the holiday season. This will help you reduce stress and increase your energy. Studies show that exercise is as effect as Prozac for treating mild depression. Also walk after lunch and after dinner for 10 minutes to give your self a double boost of energy. While you are walking look at the sites and holiday lights. Even Santa is walking these days to lose that jelly belly.

9. Follow the 90-10 Rule
Eat healthy 90% of the time but remember to treat yourself. Depriving yourself never works. Even Santa has a few cookies after working hard to deliver all those presents. Instead of eating a few pieces of pie and cake, cookies, and everything else at the dessert table, try sampling small pieces instead. Savor each bite and your treat will be that much more enjoyable.

10. Water your Sleigh
Water is the fuel that will keep you going during the holiday season. Many of us get dehydrated being aware of it and this leads to headaches and fatigue. To make matters worse, coffee and energy drinks act as a diuretic and cause you to lose more water. So remember to drink up and fuel up with water throughout the day so you’ll have gas you need to shop…and not drop.

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Jon Gordon, author of Become an Energy Addict, has spent his life teaching people – like you - how to maximize, focus and increase their mental, physical, spiritual and emotional energy. His simple, powerful tips have helped thousands deal with stress, burn out, and exhaustion. For moe information on Jon and his book "Become an Energy Addict," visit