One of the beauties of a long weekend is that I usually get to catch up on some reading, and the read in combination with quiet time, leads to some new thinking.
To summarize something I just read, it stated, if you profess a love of a higher power in your life, and carry resentments with you, then you are a liar.
The higher power I know created all of us, without exception, with good in us. I’m not sure that I believe a literal biblical “in His image”, but I know the one creator I understand did not create crap. While things and people do stray from good, that is not how things began.
As makes sense to me, if my head is an apartment with valuable space, resentments are like bad tenants living there without paying rent. I can’t afford them and must learn to remove them before I go broke.
If I remember, particularly with people I have trouble caring for positively, that the higher power created them originally with good in them, I am much better for it! I pray that they find the good in themselves, and try to let go of the negative feelings that eat at me and hurt my serenity! It is hilarious to find that there have been people who I have carried long time grudges about, and they have never given me 10 seconds thought. Who is the stupid one in this scenario?
I have never believed that I have to “like” everyone I know or meet, nor do I expect will one and all “like” me. I have learned that there really is good in every person, and I honestly don’t believe I am carrying any deep resentment today. This is progress for me. I can honestly find positives in all others.
As I continue to enjoy a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend, I am grateful for the thoughts the reading gave me. I have had a chance to do a mini-inventory and search for resentments. None jumped up! That is likely why I am really enjoying the weather and the socializing that has been a part of this weekend. More importantly, it is a good part of why I can enjoy my own company and down time without a need to medicate or be constantly on the phone or out.
I do love the higher power that is a part of me and my life, and am thankful that today, I carry no burning resentments!

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Certified Life Coach