Man, I enjoy Thursdays. Sometimes the simple gems I hear or am reminded of resonate so strongly in me. The acronym “HOW” falls into this category.
The world is filled with insanity, and most of the time insanity as a part of life (my definition-repeated behavior expecting a different outcome), not insanity as being overtly out there.
There are fundamentals I try to practice in my life, and they are the same fundamentals I expect to come in to play in a coaching relationship.
If you desire improvement in any area of your life, these things are essential. There are probably a hundred takes on these qualities, but there were some things that hit me like a baseball bat.
If I’m not prepared to be honest, first with myself, then to a trusted “you”, how will a problem be identified and a realistic goal set? How will progress be tracked?
If I’m not open to others, how will anyone know what’s going on? And if I’m not open to new ideas and thinking, where will change come from (same old same old?)?
If I’m not willing to take action, and take help, how will I move forward? If I’m not willing to change, how can change happen?
Really basic stuff, but in this complicated world and my sometimes complicated mind, simplicity often gets lost.
All in all it was a great day! I even visited my mother and kissed her goodbye as I was leaving. This happens only as a result of some great coaching I’ve had over the last year, and thank-you Gary Glasscock! Therapy didn’t work but coaching did!
Through the miracle of what was Thursday, my mental health day, I feel recharged, enlightened at have joy in play. I don’t know how so many miss the opportunity to grow inside, build self-esteem and live with hope and serenity. I just know that a majority don’t get the help they really need.
I am grateful for having the opportunities I have been given, and the spirit that allowed me the courage to break from my own norms and make significant improvement in my mental hygiene!

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