Heart in Darkness

Time for Exercise: 15 minutes to one hour

Properties Required: drawing paper, pencils, colored pencils, pen, charcoal sticks


  1. Draw a picture illustrating the emotional state of your heart right now. Convey the extent to which your heart is wounded, healed, open, closed, stingy, generous, capable of giving and receiving love. For example, your heart might be entombed in an impregnable fortress, or there might be cracks or openings giving some access to your heart. It could be shrouded in darkness or bathed in light. Various colors might symbolize your heart’s condition. There might be sores or tears in your heart. It might be impaled with sharp objects.
  2. As you undertake an emotional healing journey, a process of awakening your spirit, a quest for freedom, or a deepening of your commitment to your relationship, redraw your heart picture about once per month as a visual representation of your progress.


Share your drawings with your lover.


As we heal and become whole, we can often forget how much progress we have made, how much better we feel, and how much the quality of our lives has improved. This is one way to keep a record—a visual journal.

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