Sometimes it is all too easy to fall into the feelings of being a flop or defective because a clear direction is no where in sight. Those feelings can come from internal and external pressures. It would seem that society expects one to have a course mapped out, one that covers from the time you are born to the time you depart this earth.

Now, I am not saying that having goals, aspirations, or even a plan is a bad thing. What I am saying is this; it is OK to be an explorer, to try different things, to pursue different dreams and potentials. In doing so, that is when we often find what we are most passionate about.

If you are feeling stuck, lacking direction, or passion for what you do, I would like to offer the following as supportive suggestions:

1) Be loving and compassionate to yourself. Beating yourself up for not having a plan is not going to help much and most likely will serve as an obstacle.

2) Be very present! That means not getting too caught up in the future or the past, but being in the here and now. Being present supports you in seeing what is happening in the here and now that may ignite a fire for you.

3) Set goals/intentions that are integrity based…meaning you know in your heart those intentions/goals are the right ones for you.

4) Try and get very clear on what you DO want in your life and what you DON’T want. THEN…

5) Establish some action items to support you in getting what you want. For example, if your passion is to become the next bestselling author, set some short-term, forward moving goals/intentions to support you in achieving that passion.

6) Remove the things from your life that you do not want, things that weigh you down, hold you back, and things you are tolerating. Using the author example, if your office is a mess and not supporting you in writing your best seller, set an intention to clear it.

7) Be open to possibilities. The course you may choose to travel initially might not be the course that will ultimately get you to your desired designation. Know that it is OK to choose another course.

8) Find someone to support you and hold you accountable.

I can tell you this, you are worth it, and you deserve to have all that you desire!

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Author's Bio: 

Pam Thomas is an associate certified personal and business development coach. Her passion is to help people find the assets and capabilities both within and around themselves to move forward, accomplish goals, overcome obstacles, defeat fears, and create opportunities. She has experienced diverse circumstances and opportunities in her life that support her in bringing an intuitive nature, understanding, and ability to "hear between the lines" to her coaching clients. Some of her experiences include:

Single Parenthood
Business Owner
Co-Founder and Executive Director of a Non-Profit Organization
Masters Student (Industrial/Organizational Psychology)
Radio Host
Independent Contractor

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