Discuss with your child that you feel he or she is at a stage in their life that they are capable of making “this” decision. Take time to discuss the decision that they have made, what they feel the outcome will be and what options they have if their decision is correct, or incorrect. Helping your child list options on paper, discussing pros and cons and encouraging your child to select an options that is safe and has some chance to succeed id important.

Many parents worry too much about helping their child make a decisions that will always lead to success. Decisions making that leads to failure can be appropriate and meaningful as long as the child is not placing him or herself in danger. Share with your child that some of the greatest leaders, inventors, doctors, business professionals and yes, students have all learned from making the wrong decisions.

Below are some other points to consider while helping your child become a good decision maker:
· Ask your child what he or she learned from their decision.
· If necessary and appropriate, set a time limit for your child to make a decision.
· If your child is unable to make a decision on his or her own, discuss options, best and worse case scenarios and what feelings are affecting their decision-making process.
· Ask your child, “What advice would you give your friend if he or she was in your situation?”
· Tell you child, “It seems that you are having a difficult time making a decision. Do you need more time, information or help?

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