The air is getting crisper and the leaves have almost finished falling. Winter is almost upon us. The changing of the seasons are timely reminders of the cycle of life and the need for change.

What exactly is the message of winter? The message is that some times we need to let go. Some times things finish serving their purpose. Some times we no longer have need for the things that we have. Some times, the time comes to ‘out with the old’.

Winter is all about creating space. A space for the new and exciting things that will be coming our way in Spring – the season of embracing the new and of rebirth. We create space now so that the universe can fill it.

So it is officially ‘clear out’ time. Time to clear out all the clutter and baggage and things that no longer serve us. Time to make space for some exciting new things. Here are some things to consider in your clear out:-

Materialistic Items:
Clean out the kitchen drawer, throw away the keys you have whose locks are long forgotten, the used batteries, empty matchboxes, spare screws and washers that do not belong to anything, the rusty something you can no longer identify, the ‘just incase’ this and the ‘just incase’ that. Bag it all up and throw it in the bin.

Clean out the first aid kit, throw away the band aids that will no longer stick and the medicines that are out of date or missing their instructions. Bag it all up and take it to your local pharmacy to dispose for you.

Clean out the wardrobe, throw away the clothes you no longer wear, the clothes you will wear when you are thinner, the clothes you keep incase you get bigger, the clothes with missing buttons or broken zips, the clothes that have faded and lost their shape. Bag it all up. Throw away the useless items and take the rest to your favourite charity shop.

Ladies: shoes, toiletries and cosmetics bag. I will say no more. You know what you need to do!

Gentlemen: Garage. I will say no more, you know what you need to do!

It’s not quite so easy to ‘bag up’ the spiritual and emotional items. However they may too have served their purpose and come to the end of their days.

Friendships: Are all your friendships two-way truly mutually beneficial? Is there anyone who has been dragging you down, holding you back or draining your energy? When would now be a good time to let this friendship go or to restate your terms and boundaries for friendships?

Career: Are you doing what you love? Do you wake up Monday morning will passion thrusting through your veins? Is now the time to find the career you want and deserve?

Relationships: When you look in their eyes do you know with absolutely certainty that you are their every thing? Have you showed them how much they mean to you lately? Have you told them how much you cherish having them in your life? When would now be a good time to take your relationship to the next level?

Health and Vitality: Do you love what you see in the mirror? Is your body, your temple, in the best shape it possibly can be? Have you given your body all the love that it deserves? Is now the time to revisit your nutrition and exercise regimes?

Beliefs: Are there any beliefs that are holding you back? Do you spend each day thinking and knowing ‘I can’? Do you truly appreciate how gifted, special, magnificent and wonderful you are? Have you realized yet how much potential you have? Have you realized yet how much more of you there is to give and how many of us are eagerly awaiting you to do so? When would now be a great time to write a top ten list of awesome rocking beliefs that will propel you forward into the life you deserve and were destined for?

Have fun as you ‘declutter’. Know that anything you hang on to is a space you take up which prevents something new from entering your life. The space in your life, like you, is valuable and precious. Be sure to only fill it with the things you love.

Grab your warm clothes. Feel the hug of your scarf and winter jacket. Take a long walk and decide all the things that need to go. There’s a new beginning around the corner and its waiting for you.

Let go………… and let the universe fill the space.

Author's Bio: 

Sally Higgins is a certified and experienced Performance Consultant and Coach and runs her own business. Her company Accelerate Now have an established client base of corporate and personal clients. For more information refer to the website . This article may be republished provided this resource box and links remain intact.