It can be a cold cruel world out there. You don't have to look far to see it. That's why so many people sleep through life. Asleep in their pity, their judgments, and all the other anesthetics currently on the market. Sleeping because it's too painful to wake up.

It can be hard to find the hope in a world like this... A world of too much struggle and too much darkness.

There's only one way to change the condition of the world. You - reading these words right now - YOU - must make a difference. It really comes down to you. The world waits for you to change. Here's one way you can start:

Find your degree of hope.

Most people seem to have lost theirs. Many feel hopeless. Maybe you do too. If so, that's great news! If you feel hopeless, then you're half-way home. Why?

Because it's MUCH worse to feel nothing than to feel hopeless. If you're feeling hopeless, that means you're still feeling. Your 'system' still works.

If you're *beyond* hopelessness, that's a state of severe depression. If you're feeling hopeless, then there's still hope. Because you can't feel hopeless without also having the ability to feel hope.

All you have to do: embrace the hopelessness, feel it, and walk through it - and out the other side. To feelings that contain a little more hope; or at least, a little less hopelessness.

But if you're beyond hopeless - and you feel nothing - you'd be well-advised to spend all your time searching for feelings of despair and hopelessness. Even feeling empty or hollow is better than feeling nothing.

The important thing involves getting on the playing field. Get in the game. Feeling *anything* rates as better than feeling nothing. Because feeling nothing means you're flirting with serious depression. Much better to be angry, bitter, frustrated.

You have an emotional body. More real than your physical body. It can shrivel up like a raisin when you totally shut down your feelings.

The good news is, you had to CHOOSE to shut down your feelings. So you can also choose to *start* feeling again.

Feeling nothing puts you in a dangerous position. Choosing to reach for your feelings - ANY feelings - can save you. Just making the choice empowers you to a certain degree.

Feeling your feelings puts you in the flow of life. First; choose to feel as richly and as deeply as possible. Second; let the feelings *keep* flowing. Let go of those feelings once you feel them. That's where we so often screw up. We insist on hanging on to feelings we don't even like - because we have a secret agenda in mind.

Our secret agenda becomes more important than feeling good. Most often, the root cause lies in childhood: proving how bad we had it, for example.

If you're feeling hopelessness, despair, angst, etc. - you can always feel those feelings and release them. You inherently possess that ability. Every human does. You're not special enough to be the only person on earth who can't release the pain from unresolved feelings.

Instead, you most likely carry a secret agenda for NOT letting them go. (If you're like almost everyone else...)

But now comes the time for greater understanding.

CHOOSE to understand, and let the details take care of themselves. CHOOSE - before you go to sleep at night - as you're lying in bed - CHOOSE to have the understanding revealed to you during the course of your dreams. And be willing to receive the answers.

Choose to understand your feelings or lack of feelings. Choose to understand how it can be okay to feel hopeless. Choose to understand why you would not let the feelings flow freely.

Then you can transform that scrawny little raisin into a plump luscious grape - bursting with flavor. The juicy grape that attracts and inspires others.

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