For those of you who are familiar with EFT, you know it can take a bit of work to master and while practicing there can be a lot of self discovery and reflection, which is why I embraced it whole heartedly the first time I experienced it at a local one day workshop. I was literally blown away by the whole process including the muscle testing we learned to guide us through our clearings.

When I got home I continued to explore my own blocks discovering stuff from my childhood that I thought was 'no big deal", was actually a HUGE deal to my subconscious. I continued to search for my core issues by clearing major things from my past only to find myself caught in a tangled web of 'tailenders' (I will explain later) that left me lost in a deep maze of issues and emotions with no end in site. I felt emotionally drained and down. I must be the only one that totally sucks at doing this process that's supposed to be so easy! Why isn't it working? What's wrong with me? I call this an 'Energetic Funk' and I'll tell you how to avoid it.

BTW – a 'tailender' is EFT lingo for another aspect related to the original issue being cleared. These often pop up into our consciousness during an EFT session telling us we're on the right track, but need to dig deeper – When these 'tailenders' are addressed it often results in an Aha!
Here's the big thing to take note of; Just because a 'tailender' comes up, and if it's a long standing issue more than likely you will come across many, it doesn't mean you should keep going until you don't have anymore. Do the work in baby steps. When you are working on your own stuff by yourself it is best to tap on the original problem and get it down to zero if you can. If a tailender pops up, make a note of it, then take a break and go back to it later or leave it at that until the next day. If you don't get down to zero, it's okay, just make note of where you left off.

The best way I know to describe what happens in an 'Energetic Funk' is to compare it to cleaning your house. Before you clean your house, you look around and see the mess before you and then proceed to clean the obvious and when you're done you feel really good. Now, have you ever done spring cleaning? You know, when you set aside a chunk of time to clean out drawers, under rugs and furniture, pull out the fridge and stove, really gross stuff surfaces doesn't it?
Often you start one job and it leads to another, but you don't have time to finish one so you move to another and the next thing you know you have uncovered all kinds of crap and now you're overwhelmed because what you started you can't possibly finish on your own in the time you have. All this time you had been cleaning the surface thinking your house was pretty clean. Oh, how blissful that ignorance was! Now the dirt is in your face, your house is filthy, how do you feel now …?
Either you get some help or you'll have to live in that filth till you have the time to finish the job and if you don't do it soon enough the day to day cleaning will get behind and the job will be too big to even think about.

Back to baby steps. Just take it in small chunks or better yet, plan on getting help before you start a big job. It's the same with EFT. In fact if you have some major blocks to work on I highly recommend working with a qualified coach, even if you are a coach,
as it's really difficult to step outside of yourself to get to the core of an issue, especially one from your childhood, after all you were just a kid. Even when we have grown and matured into adults we do not grow out of the imprint of that original emotion, it's still there in our energy field just as it was all those years ago.
With guidance and EFT that imprinted emotion CAN be wiped clean and as we know, when done right EFT has the power to literally change lives forever.

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