·Teens normally come to their parents when they need to talk. Be patient.
· Your teen may appear to be rude, in a hurry or cut you short. This is not their intention. Be patient.
· Teens are not adults. You may from time to time have an adult conversation with your teen. Treasure this moment! Don’t expect it all the time.
· Teens often are more comfortable talking to their friends or peers than they are talking to adults; especially their parents. Again, nothing against you mom or dad, but kids their age are more fun to talk with. Be patient.
· Moody teens will avoid conversations with you.
· Happy teens may talk your ears off. You may have to listen, nod your head and smile. Be patient.
· See the section in Scott Counseling regarding communicating with you child for information on parenting techniques and strategies on this topic. Be patient!

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Scott Wardell has a Masters Degree in School Counseling and a Specialist Degree in School Administration. He has twenty-eight years of counseling and educational experience. Scott is a Past President of the Minnesota Association of Middle Level Educators. He has presented at numerous parenting workshops, educational in-services and has been a keynote speaker on topics involving Child Development, School Bullies and Parenting. Scott Wardell is the creator, author and editor of ScottCounseling.com; a Website devoted to assisting parents with informational articles and online counseling services.

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