Why develop a positive mental attitude?

Well, if you look around at the high achievers in this world...in any field, you will find nearly always that they display a positive mental attitude to their field of success. They may do this knowingly or otherwise but simply put you will get much more success if you do the same.

Here are a few qualities that successful people with a positive mental attitude display which you can emulate with a bit of effort:

1) The word failure does not exist and therefore has know power over successful people. Look for the positive possibilities in every situation. What other people would term 'failure' should simply be translated into a sign of what not to do the next time you attempt to do it, and believe me successful people will always try again...

2) This neatly brings us to the quality of perseverance. If something is worth doing now, then you will likely still want to achieve it next month, next year or whenever, so why stop trying? If you desire your goal there is no reason to stop trying until you have attained it, come what may. Know before you start that success won't be immediate, accept this, formulate a realistic plan, write it down, follow it through, make modifications if necessary but keep going. Writing down your plan immediately gives you a confidence boost as it allows you to see exactly how you can achieve your goals which in turn stimulates your motivation aswell.

3) Take responsibility for your situation and actions. Most successful people acknowledge that they created their current circumstances due to their previous actions. Their current situation is believed to be merely a reflection of their previous thought patterns. If you have this the opposite way around then you will seemingly feel the victim to circumstance rather than the controller of it and the deliberate creator that you can be.

By taking responsibility there is therefore know attempt to blame others or for you to hide from the fact that you might have made a mistake which created your situation. By being honest in this way it is easy to make amendments to your thoughts and actions to create future success.

4) Be committed. Develop a 'whatever it takes' approach. This mentality is an extremely important part of a positive mental attitude. Life is full of stories of people with less natural talent becoming more successful than their more talented counterparts. They go the extra yard to be successful, they do the extra training, stay behind after class, run a few more minutes on the treadmill and so on. In short they make life pay the price. Often this part of displaying a positive attitude can feel frustrating. However successful people realize that success is just on the other side of frustration and use it as a good sign post towards future success.

5) Focus your energies on what you do want and not what you don't want. Energy is always creative, particularly your thought energy so don't waste it on negative things. Remember, what you resist persists. So, by seeing the negative in a situation you are actually fueling it and making it into a greater problem. Simply, if you have what you term a negative situation look again and focus on the positive possibilities and give them your thought. These areas will subsequently expand in your mind with avenues that could lead to positive solutions to the initial problem. These thoughts will naturally lead you to more successful thoughts and the spiral continues.

6) Be decisive. Successful people with a positive mental attitude make decisions and stick to them. If they decide they will achieve a certain goal then they will not go back on their decision regardless of how fruitless their task can seemingly appear to be. Remember Thomas Edison the famous inventor of the light bulb. 9,999 attempts and no success commented that he had achieved 9,999 ways not to invent a lightbulb, before actually doing so. Imagine if he had given up after 2, 3 or even 500 attempts!. His decision to invent a lightbulb was made and remained unchanged until he had done so.

The above are just a few of the main ways in which you can adopt a positive attitude. Their are many more ways contained in this site so take you time and browse around or sign-up to the newsletter to stay in touch with your positive side.

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